Your Favorite, Curve Friendly Summer Fashion Provider is…

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Based on the latest trends in fashion for curvnistas we’ve been observing since Spring 2017 began, and as we enter the summer months, you curvy fashionistas have had a surge of interest in Fashionnova that has not let up as Memorial Day weekend wraps up today! We won’t know exactly what it is that has made Fashionnova the brand of choice for the most beautiful curvy women in the world, but we heard through the grapevine from a few of you that you like having jeans and dresses and swimwear that works well with your curves without compromising on material and price. Having said that, there have been a few other competitors who Curvynistas have loved, most notably OhPolly, which is a close second, and KnowStyleUSA. So congrats to Fashionnova and FashionnovaCurve for staying ahead of the curve (pun intended) when it comes to curvy fashions for Summer 2017. Here are a few of the best Fashionnova style shots we selected for your viewing pleasure…



The Summer Curve Party Has Started!

Yay!!! We talked about it for a year now. Since the beginning of the year, we encouraged you to start working on your summer body and get your style right because Summer 2017 will be bigger and better than last year!. And now we’re here. With the Memorial Day weekend comes the launch of the summer swimsuit season and all the fun BBQs, jet set exotic vacations, and lazy days in the hammock, reading your favorite book while sippin’ wine, or curled up with a boo overlooking some beachy peachy scene, crisp and clean. Enjoying the beauties of nature just as created by design! [Continue reading after photo]


And the other creation that many enjoy this time of year is the way curves put pressure on bikinis to grab the attention of all who witness them as they go by. Whether on the beaches of Santorini or the Bahamas, or that lit Las Vegas or South Beach cabana pool party scene for the upscale, it is you curvy fashionistas who the world will gawk at, with some men getting slapped by their girlfriends for staring too long, lol! This is your season to bring the curves out of hibernation, to let go of the long sleeves and long, thick pants, and let the sheer fabric of you lightest dresses and bodysuits lace your hips and breasts the way that fits your style and keeps you from getting a ticket for public nudity. [Continue reading after photo]

CM cai_swimwear

And finally, as a public service announcement, when you do bring your curves out of hibernation, just remember to please have mercy on those older gentlemen out there who have heard conditions and pacemakers because those peach-shaped, buxom weapons you have can cause a sudden onset of heart attacks and strokes if you’re not careful. (Yes, we’re serious…well, it is summer, so a little light humor, lol). Without further adieu, welcome to the Summer of 2017, the season of unlimited curves! Enjoy the gallery…


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Check Out These Sensational Summer Romance Looks

Yeah, we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves! We can’t help it. We’re already just about halfway through May so fast that June will be here before you know it. And we’re a little giddy around here, waiting with baited breath for that time of year when we all jet off to exotic locations around the world to wear our favorite swimwear to lure that special, mysterious someone we just met at some resort in places like Dubai, Thailand, Seychelles, or right here in our own back yard.

With that said, these looks in the photo gallery are some gorgeous, curve friendly looks we came across online that we really liked a lot and wanted to report on them so that you, the curvy fashionista that you are, can get some ideas of how to look this summer to maximize the influence of your curves to capture eyeballs and melt hearts. We call this our “Summer Romance” looks series. These are pics that, while not on a beach or sitting poolside in the latest trend setting bikini, still warrant some consideration when you’re in the bedroom, kitchen, or hotel resort room, wanting to look sexy for your man or for yourself (hey, the mirror is a girl’s best friend at times). So whether you are in lingerie, a homebound bikini, short shorts, or sexy bodysuit from your fave online boutique, if your curves look good in them, we will spotlight you and bring you summer romance looks that are right for your curves! Enjoy…

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The Sexiest Faces to Launch the May Bikini Season!

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It’s always easy to get distracted by well built, curvy women’s bodies, to the point where many forget that these beautiful creatures also have stunning faces! We at CurveMonsters don’t want you to ever forget to acknowledge beauty of Curvynistas from the neck up. So on that note, behold the sexiest faces we’ve come across in our never ending quest to document the lifestyles of curvy women everywhere!



You Got 8 Weeks Before Summer…Did Your Bikini Body Arrive Yet?

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Hey babes! Curvynistas everywhere go through the same ritual every year around this time: How to get bikini fit while maintaining those curves for the summer night soirees! Have you been keeping up your fitness regimen so far? Even now, as Spring is sunny and warm in many parts of the U.S., this is still the time to enhance your fitness by getting with the right program or a certified trainer. Meanwhile, we are doing our part to steadily keep you motivated here and on our Instagram page (@CurveMonsters and @CurveMonstersGlam). The slide show in this post highlights the Top 20 fitness looks you can use as motivation right now!


70 Internet Breaking Curvy Style Shots Right Now!

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Every now and then, you’ll hear of an A-List celebrity posting a photo that is so stunning that it gets seemingly an endless number of likes on social media, particularly Instagram. And when it gets so many likes, say 1 million or more, tabloids like TMZ take an interest and do a blurb about them. A few such shots actually have brought down certain websites and social media pages, such as Kim Kardashian’s nudes did a couple of years ago. But do they break the internet because they are very attractive in a captivating way, or because of the notoriety of their celebrity status? (Cont’d after pic…)


Given our experience pouring over thousands of photos of the most gorgeous and curvy women on the planet, we have developed an uncanny eye for identifying those pics that can definitely break the internet, or at least show that the curvy fashionista in those photos can bare it all and post photos that can break the internet. In addition, since we are non profit, there is no conflict of interest, meaning we are unbiased in our selections. (Cont’d after pic…)


So how do we identify the pics we think could break the internet? We posted our photo guidelines on this site, but we can recap. Besides being curvy and proportionate, we look for curve friendly style choices, photo quality (including resolution and environment), the contrast between the outfit colors and the background colors, and how much of the body is viewable without distortion or “cutting the curve” as we call it (when key parts of the womanly curves are cut off due to the camera angle/positioning). And most importantly, we usually prefer that “it factor” eye contact between the woman and the camera lens. Believe it or not, not looking into the camera lens can cost up to 20% of likes. For example, a pic that would normally get 100 likes would instead get 80 likes because of lack of eye contact. Few pics can overcome this, though, and we have a few in this collection.

Each pic has the woman’s Instagram name embedded in the text to the right. Without further ado, the photo gallery above contains the stunning, sensational pics we feel have that “internet breaking” quality…