Ideally, photos taken by professional photographers or someone you know who has a natural talent for photography works best.

For selfies, be sure to not have the camera blocking your body or face in any way so that we can crop around it if needed. Also, make sure you have enough lighting and that you’re not too far from the camera. We’ve seen some models do a great job with selfies, while others don’t do so well because they are either too far away in bad lighting or the camera/phone blocks their faces.

If your background is white, wear outfits with contrasting dark colors such as black, red, or vibrant patterns.

If you’re using a mirror for full-length or waist-up selfies, be sure to throroughly clean you’re entire mirror so that so spots, specks or smears blur or distort you image.

Finally, try your best to keep you camera angle straight. Otherwise your photo will appear at a weird angle, forcing those viewing it to have to tilt their head. A selfie stick might be helpful to keep the angle straight.

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