How to Take Great Curve Pics for the Summer

About two and a half years ago, we posted guidelines on how to take good pics. Some of you read it, but many have not. We admit that we did not have it easily accessible, so now it is easily available by hovering your mouse over the “About” menu at the top of our website, and then clicking “Guidelines.” Please take a moment to review it as the rest of this article will be focused on a real world example of the Do’s and Don’t’s of taking great curvy pics.

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We get a lot of photo submissions and perhaps only 20-30% of them are ready to post. One of the biggest reasons for not getting posted is submitting pics in poor lighting and with low resolution cameras that are difficult to work with. So while a pic might look fine on your camera, when you submit it to any commercial site or business for real work, they are unusable. We discuss this on our Guidelines page. We chose @_Chinesekitty as an example here because her photos are consistently of good resolution with good lighting. If you resize it on your own, you will see that the pixels are still intact no matter how large you expand it. Most pics we get pixelate badly by even barely resizing it a little larger.

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Examples of cropped “cut the curve” pics we don’t post
Also, what many don’t realize is, though we post pics of curvy women showing off their curves, we don’t post “booty and booby” shots. This is where the pic is zoomed in on tits until you see the nipple and the little bumps around the nipple, or ass where you mostly see the crack and sometimes the hole. We even get vagina shots; anybody who sends us such shots are clearly not paying attention to how all the pics we post are whole body shots, not X rated. This is a subjective judgment call for us, but we will not post shots that overly focus on racy parts of the body. We’re focused on curves and lifestyles, not sex and lust. For some, there might not be a difference, but we clearly delineate between the two, and will not post such shots. Notice how @_ChineseKitty’s full photo does not focus on any of these, yet is quite sexy and exudes a fun lifestyle.

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One question we get a lot is, do we post BBW or the typical SI type swimsuit model skinny pics. There are plenty of platforms for both, but we are neither. The ladies in the pics we post are what we call “proportionately curvy,” meaning they are somewhere in the middle of the two. This is our niche, and is not meant to offend anyone. We chose this niche because it was quite absent when we launched in 2015, and now we see that many have gravitated towards it, including known fashion labels who at one time kinda neglected this niche. We’ll just dust the dirt off out shoulders in silence, lol.
Finally, we get submissions where the pics “cut the curve,” meaning hips get partially cropped, or they only show the top half of the booty in jeans or a dress or bikini, but not the whole curve. We favor shots that show the whole curve, preferably at least from the knees up, but ideally from the toes all the way up to the top of the head. Again, as you see here, @_ChineseKitty and the other 2 ladies do that well. You can see toes and full hair. Study the other cropped shots for examples of pics we don’t post.

Quick “Like count” tips:

  • Headless photos usually cost you 25-30% of your potential likes.
  • Footless pics cost about 20%.
  • Half booty shots, where the pic is from the top of the head to the upper half of the booty, cost 30% or more.
  • Black and White shots cost about 15-20% or more (people like color).
  • Angled shots get more likes than straight ahead shots.
  • A good selfie can get as many likes as a professional photography shot.
  • If you work with a pro photographer, a basic photoshoot usually does slightly better than a fully glamorized, glossy photoshoot (but it goes back and forth, depending on the style and setting). People tend to like a “natural beauty” look.

Take it from us; these estimates are based on the many thousands of pics we’ve seen over the years across various social media platforms.

If you take the time to really study the pics we post, you should get an idea about what we like. So get to clickin’ and stickin’ those pics in our DM when you’re truly read, and hurry up before the Summer season is over! Who knows, your pic might pop up in our gallery this coming weekend 🙂

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