70 Internet Breaking Curvy Style Shots Right Now!

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Every now and then, you’ll hear of an A-List celebrity posting a photo that is so stunning that it gets seemingly an endless number of likes on social media, particularly Instagram. And when it gets so many likes, say 1 million or more, tabloids like TMZ take an interest and do a blurb about them. A few such shots actually have brought down certain websites and social media pages, such as Kim Kardashian’s nudes did a couple of years ago. But do they break the internet because they are very attractive in a captivating way, or because of the notoriety of their celebrity status? (Cont’d after pic…)


Given our experience pouring over thousands of photos of the most gorgeous and curvy women on the planet, we have developed an uncanny eye for identifying those pics that can definitely break the internet, or at least show that the curvy fashionista in those photos can bare it all and post photos that can break the internet. In addition, since we are non profit, there is no conflict of interest, meaning we are unbiased in our selections. (Cont’d after pic…)


So how do we identify the pics we think could break the internet? We posted our photo guidelines on this site, but we can recap. Besides being curvy and proportionate, we look for curve friendly style choices, photo quality (including resolution and environment), the contrast between the outfit colors and the background colors, and how much of the body is viewable without distortion or “cutting the curve” as we call it (when key parts of the womanly curves are cut off due to the camera angle/positioning). And most importantly, we usually prefer that “it factor” eye contact between the woman and the camera lens. Believe it or not, not looking into the camera lens can cost up to 20% of likes. For example, a pic that would normally get 100 likes would instead get 80 likes because of lack of eye contact. Few pics can overcome this, though, and we have a few in this collection.

Each pic has the woman’s Instagram name embedded in the text to the right. Without further ado, the photo gallery above contains the stunning, sensational pics we feel have that “internet breaking” quality…



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