Top Bad and Boojee Curvynistas Right Now! Part 2

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Earlier this month, we introduced you to this new top list, and we were pleasantly surprised by the response here and across our social media platforms, especially Instagram (@CurveMonsters and @CurveMonstersGlam). Back then, Feb 7, the hit song ‘Bad and Boujee’ was at 185 million views on YouTube. Now, the song is approaching 240 million views in just over 2 weeks! Here in the Dallas area, the song has remained atop the radio air play charts (for better or worst, if you don’t like the nonstop repetition), so clearly, the hook of the song and the title is still captivating many out there. And of course, the most bad and boujee women tend to have eye poppin’ curves and the right evening style to go with it. So now, here are the latest pics from some of the most bad and boujee curvy fashionistas on the planet…and be sure to visit our Instagram page @CurveMonstersGlam to find these pics that are tagged with links directly to each Curvynistas page!


Top Bad and Boojee Curvynistas Right Now! Part 1

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In case you’ve been under a rock for the past several weeks, the mega hit song ‘Bad and Boojee’ has been tearing up the charts and club scene since the beginning of the year. Arguably, it’s the biggest urban song of the year so far, and has been quite popular with a number of Instagram influencers among the Curvynistas (curvy fashionistas) we’ve been trying to keep up with! Not only is #badandboojee a hot hashtag right now, it has become the moniker of the curvy lifestyle and has almost 185 million views on YouTube as of Feb 7, 2017 (whew)…[continue reading below…]



Our friends at mentioned us in an article last month related to this song, and that got us to thinking: Who are the hottest Curvynistas that have been ‘bad and boojee’ on our site and Instagram page since last month? We re-examined all our most popular and desirable posts since Jan 1, and were hoping to have a list of 30, but ended up with a list of almost 100! So we narrowed it down to fewer than that, Part 1 has 45, and the next post will have about 40. So enjoy the list of the most Bad and Boojee Curvynistas on the planet!




70 Internet Breaking Curvy Style Shots Right Now!

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Every now and then, you’ll hear of an A-List celebrity posting a photo that is so stunning that it gets seemingly an endless number of likes on social media, particularly Instagram. And when it gets so many likes, say 1 million or more, tabloids like TMZ take an interest and do a blurb about them. A few such shots actually have brought down certain websites and social media pages, such as Kim Kardashian’s nudes did a couple of years ago. But do they break the internet because they are very attractive in a captivating way, or because of the notoriety of their celebrity status? (Cont’d after pic…)


Given our experience pouring over thousands of photos of the most gorgeous and curvy women on the planet, we have developed an uncanny eye for identifying those pics that can definitely break the internet, or at least show that the curvy fashionista in those photos can bare it all and post photos that can break the internet. In addition, since we are non profit, there is no conflict of interest, meaning we are unbiased in our selections. (Cont’d after pic…)


So how do we identify the pics we think could break the internet? We posted our photo guidelines on this site, but we can recap. Besides being curvy and proportionate, we look for curve friendly style choices, photo quality (including resolution and environment), the contrast between the outfit colors and the background colors, and how much of the body is viewable without distortion or “cutting the curve” as we call it (when key parts of the womanly curves are cut off due to the camera angle/positioning). And most importantly, we usually prefer that “it factor” eye contact between the woman and the camera lens. Believe it or not, not looking into the camera lens can cost up to 20% of likes. For example, a pic that would normally get 100 likes would instead get 80 likes because of lack of eye contact. Few pics can overcome this, though, and we have a few in this collection.

Each pic has the woman’s Instagram name embedded in the text to the right. Without further ado, the photo gallery above contains the stunning, sensational pics we feel have that “internet breaking” quality…



40 Fabulous Faces for Winter 2017

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As you probably know by now, we scour the internet and social media for the most beautiful and stunning curvy women all over the planet. This means we come across thousands of online photos every year. So it is no easy task to identify the 40 most fabulous faces among the best! In fact, we surprised ourselves at how many absolutely gorgeous faces we discovered, so we plan a follow up edition soon. Cudos to all the make up artists (MUAs) out there for your handy facial skills, and congrats to the parents of these lovely babes for imparting their special DNA power into these gorgeous women. We love it!

Without further ado, we present the 4o Fabulous Faces for Winter 2017…(The slide show above has all 40)