Top Bad and Boojee Curvynistas Right Now! Part 1

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In case you’ve been under a rock for the past several weeks, the mega hit song ‘Bad and Boojee’ has been tearing up the charts and club scene since the beginning of the year. Arguably, it’s the biggest urban song of the year so far, and has been quite popular with a number of Instagram influencers among the Curvynistas (curvy fashionistas) we’ve been trying to keep up with! Not only is #badandboojee a hot hashtag right now, it has become the moniker of the curvy lifestyle and has almost 185 million views on YouTube as of Feb 7, 2017 (whew)…[continue reading below…]



Our friends at mentioned us in an article last month related to this song, and that got us to thinking: Who are the hottest Curvynistas that have been ‘bad and boojee’ on our site and Instagram page since last month? We re-examined all our most popular and desirable posts since Jan 1, and were hoping to have a list of 30, but ended up with a list of almost 100! So we narrowed it down to fewer than that, Part 1 has 45, and the next post will have about 40. So enjoy the list of the most Bad and Boojee Curvynistas on the planet!




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