Your Favorite, Curve Friendly Summer Fashion Provider is…

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Based on the latest trends in fashion for curvnistas we’ve been observing since Spring 2017 began, and as we enter the summer months, you curvy fashionistas have had a surge of interest in Fashionnova that has not let up as Memorial Day weekend wraps up today! We won’t know exactly what it is that has made Fashionnova the brand of choice for the most beautiful curvy women in the world, but we heard through the grapevine from a few of you that you like having jeans and dresses and swimwear that works well with your curves without compromising on material and price. Having said that, there have been a few other competitors who Curvynistas have loved, most notably OhPolly, which is a close second, and KnowStyleUSA. So congrats to Fashionnova and FashionnovaCurve for staying ahead of the curve (pun intended) when it comes to curvy fashions for Summer 2017. Here are a few of the best Fashionnova style shots we selected for your viewing pleasure…



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