Check Out These Sensational Summer Romance Looks

Yeah, we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves! We can’t help it. We’re already just about halfway through May so fast that June will be here before you know it. And we’re a little giddy around here, waiting with baited breath for that time of year when we all jet off to exotic locations around the world to wear our favorite swimwear to lure that special, mysterious someone we just met at some resort in places like Dubai, Thailand, Seychelles, or right here in our own back yard.

With that said, these looks in the photo gallery are some gorgeous, curve friendly looks we came across online that we really liked a lot and wanted to report on them so that you, the curvy fashionista that you are, can get some ideas of how to look this summer to maximize the influence of your curves to capture eyeballs and melt hearts. We call this our “Summer Romance” looks series. These are pics that, while not on a beach or sitting poolside in the latest trend setting bikini, still warrant some consideration when you’re in the bedroom, kitchen, or hotel resort room, wanting to look sexy for your man or for yourself (hey, the mirror is a girl’s best friend at times). So whether you are in lingerie, a homebound bikini, short shorts, or sexy bodysuit from your fave online boutique, if your curves look good in them, we will spotlight you and bring you summer romance looks that are right for your curves! Enjoy…

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