Welcome to the 3rd Annual CurveMonsters Summer Party!

Wow, time flies! It was May 2016 when we started this series of online parties dedicated to the most attractive and hard working curvy women on the planet. And as we’ve said on Instagram, if you follow us here and on Instagram, then you are already VIP with us and have been granted early access to what we’ll be up to this summer. We thank those of you who have been with us up till now. And for the rest of you: What are you waiting for?! What better place to be for curvy women and their fans than right here!! We will randomly select some great summer-ready shots to spotlight here with out “Make it a CurveMonsters Summer” party pic, so if you’re curvy and savvy, then you better hurry up and post your pics on social media or contact us here asap to get featured! Get your wristbands and drinks ready and pick your favorite palm tree cuz the party has started and will be lit nonstop till Labor Day!

Make It a CurveMonsters Summer 2Make It a CurveMonsters Summer 3Make It a CurveMonsters Summer


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