Hotter Summer, Hotter Curves!

Hey Summer lovers! It’s sunz out bunz out in the middle of June 😁 What are yoooo waitin for?! It’s practically SUMMER TIME! We’re turnin your summer days and nights all the way up at Curvemonsters! 😎🏖 🌞

Full width video coming up on @Curvemonsters and @fiftyplano on YouTube! Plus luxury lifestyle content for the summer on @fiftyplano and finally, some live streams from us! so stay tuned if you’re hot this summer!

CurveMonsters Summer Party 2019 Vol 15 Curves of July

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Featured Song: Seashells and Stilettos

Featured cover girl: @Marissabishhhh

It’s the end of the 4th of July extended weekend, babies!!! Curves over stars and stripes. We don’t stop! Jet to the beach or dive in the pool 🙂 You all best be ready for this online summer break out party cuz it won’t stop till around Labor Day Weekend! It’s the 4th annual Curvemonsters Beach and Pool Summer Party, so advertisers contact us right now to promote your products and services!!! The summer heat is turning up here in the Dallas area, and curves are comin’ out in swarms 🙂 Full video will be on YouTube and Patreon… CurveMonsters Summer Party for June 2019

We spotlight the best, curve friendly swim looks on some of the most beautiful curvy women in the world. And what better way to party than with an eyeful of these video clips…

The summer queens of curves, in order of appearance:


Welcome to the 3rd Annual CurveMonsters Summer Party!

Wow, time flies! It was May 2016 when we started this series of online parties dedicated to the most attractive and hard working curvy women on the planet. And as we’ve said on Instagram, if you follow us here and on Instagram, then you are already VIP with us and have been granted early access to what we’ll be up to this summer. We thank those of you who have been with us up till now. And for the rest of you: What are you waiting for?! What better place to be for curvy women and their fans than right here!! We will randomly select some great summer-ready shots to spotlight here with out “Make it a CurveMonsters Summer” party pic, so if you’re curvy and savvy, then you better hurry up and post your pics on social media or contact us here asap to get featured! Get your wristbands and drinks ready and pick your favorite palm tree cuz the party has started and will be lit nonstop till Labor Day!

Make It a CurveMonsters Summer 2Make It a CurveMonsters Summer 3Make It a CurveMonsters Summer


A Preview of the Littest Curvy Summer Party Starting This Weekend

Editor’s Note: We are randomly selecting the best pics for the cover flyers so be sure to visit the Instagram pages of each one, including @LailaLoves who is the first one featured!

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Since after Christmas 2017, we’ve been bombarding you with reminders to get in shape before the summer. Some of you listened, hiring the right fitness trainers, eating the right curve-friendly foods, acquiring coke bottle shaping waist trainers, and getting the occasional nip and tuck in the right places! But for those who haven’t done anything yet, there’s still time to get VIP access to our July phase of the biggest and littest online summer party on the planet! But for now, while you’re trying to come off the bench, the ladies we have lined up for this weekend are coming off the court fully drenched (in our Nicki Minaj voice).

This is just 50 of the most fire swim posts to come across our eyeballs in recent weeks! But not only are we inviting the baddest curve swim looks to the party, but also the most savage night out looks, short shorts, and fitness motivation (for those procrastinators out there). You are VIP to our party as long as you like and subscribe to this site and our very popular Instagram page! Hurry and do it now as we will randomly hand out $50 and $100 gift cards for clothing or airfare to those who get the most likes. And if you have something you want to advertise as part of a promo for our super savage summer party, you best hurry up and let us know by clicking the Advertise link at the top today!
As a side note, we are flooded with requests to post pics. We appreciate every one of you, and are doing our best to keep up with demand as we know you want the world to see the next curve queen from your city! But we ask for patience as the line to this party is getting longer and longer. We will get to as many as we can, but can’t make any promises. But be sure your pics fit our criteria (we’ve got a whole article on this topic). Try studying all of the top pics we post, and also those in this article. Take note of the full length, the style, the clear resolution, lighting, makeup, etc. We won’t do booty or booby shots. Full length, from at least the knees up, and close up without being too close. Following this advice will get you the best chance at being featured.

If you find it tough to take good selfies or don’t have a friend who is pretty handy with a camera, consider looking up some of the great photographers listed on some of the pics we post. You don’t need a highly stylized, glossy glam photoshoot. Just ask a photographer for basic full length shots in a few change of clothes (swim, night out, casual/shorts). The photographer will do basic adjustments for lighting and color saturation back at the studio, but that’s all you need. Finally, if you have someone else take your pic or you want to shout out the label you’re wearing, be sure to tag them right below your pic in the Comments. That helps us get all photo credits in one screenshot so that we can give proper credit later when we schedule photo posts. Get started on this right away before our summer party gets in high gear – and before we get even more busy! Let’s have some summer fun now!!

p.s. Also, keep in mind that one of the benefits of being posted regularly on our site and Instagram page is that if your IG account is hacked or disabled for whatever reason, just let us know your new page and we’ll post you on our page until yours is back online. Several ladies have used this free benefit!


Savage, Flawless Curvy Bodies to Kick Off Spring Break 2018!

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Some of you probably slept on the many reminders we gave you since December about our online Spring Curve party. Well it’s here now, and if you didn’t get your curves in a savage, flawless state liked these stunning beauties, it’s your own fault lol. Are you ready for the biggest curve party on the internet? Of course you are, because you are VIP if you came from our savage, popular Instagram pages (@CurveMonsters and @CurveMonstersGlam). This article is just the first of many, including some super fun video compilations we do annually, so get in the VIP line, come to the VIP booth, and get served these stone cold glasses of premium curves! Welcome to our Spring Break super event…






You’re Invited to a Fireworks Display of Curvy Bikinis

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Hope your 4th of July weekend is going as fabulous as you want it to be! This is the height of the summer season, which means all those curves that came out of hibernation will seek maximum attention. Is your style on point? There’s still plenty of time to upgrade your bikini wardrobe to keep up with the hottest curvy fashionistas on the planet. We’ve found the best of the best, and in this 4th of July bikini series, we will bring you all of them, including their Instagram names so you can go follow them and see even more! Enjoy.

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The Summer Curve Party Has Started!

Yay!!! We talked about it for a year now. Since the beginning of the year, we encouraged you to start working on your summer body and get your style right because Summer 2017 will be bigger and better than last year!. And now we’re here. With the Memorial Day weekend comes the launch of the summer swimsuit season and all the fun BBQs, jet set exotic vacations, and lazy days in the hammock, reading your favorite book while sippin’ wine, or curled up with a boo overlooking some beachy peachy scene, crisp and clean. Enjoying the beauties of nature just as created by design! [Continue reading after photo]


And the other creation that many enjoy this time of year is the way curves put pressure on bikinis to grab the attention of all who witness them as they go by. Whether on the beaches of Santorini or the Bahamas, or that lit Las Vegas or South Beach cabana pool party scene for the upscale, it is you curvy fashionistas who the world will gawk at, with some men getting slapped by their girlfriends for staring too long, lol! This is your season to bring the curves out of hibernation, to let go of the long sleeves and long, thick pants, and let the sheer fabric of you lightest dresses and bodysuits lace your hips and breasts the way that fits your style and keeps you from getting a ticket for public nudity. [Continue reading after photo]

CM cai_swimwear

And finally, as a public service announcement, when you do bring your curves out of hibernation, just remember to please have mercy on those older gentlemen out there who have heard conditions and pacemakers because those peach-shaped, buxom weapons you have can cause a sudden onset of heart attacks and strokes if you’re not careful. (Yes, we’re serious…well, it is summer, so a little light humor, lol). Without further adieu, welcome to the Summer of 2017, the season of unlimited curves! Enjoy the gallery…


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Top 30 Sizzlin’ Swim Looks For Spring Right Now! Pt. 1

Wow, with Spring 2017 ramping up this week, we have been breathless and speechless after sifting through so many sexy swim shots of the hottest Curvynistas on the planet! We managed to catch our breath and put together a showcase of the top 30 smokin’ hot swimsuit styles and curves we’ve come across so far. Hundreds of pics were examined from various social media accounts, so this is a new Spring series as there were more than 25! Stay tuned and enjoy this installment!
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Our New YouTube Channel Has Latest Swimwear Video

For the Spring and Sumer, we will be uploading original videos plus linking to our favorite videos, including those featuring beautiful and curvy women who have that great look and fascinating lifestyle! Visit our YouTube Channel now.

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