Curvy Women’s Sexy Spring Style

Hey! What are you doing for Spring Break?

At last the 6th annual Curvemonsters Spring Break season kicks off with this video mix plus more fun stuff across all our platforms and websites this week! Be sure to like, share and follow as we’ve got some surprises in store over the next few weeks.

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Song image caption: This video’s soundtrack is the retro boomin’ “Wishful Savage” track from 50Plano Studios. Be sure to play it in your ear buds, headphones, car stereo or home theater system cuz half the suspense and intense bass energy is part of our curvy experience.

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Embrace those tough Spring workouts you need for sizzlin’ warm weather curves in May! That’s when the bigger and badder 6th Annual Curvemonsters Skinwear Season devours everything like a monsta!

Welcome to the 3rd Annual CurveMonsters Summer Party!

Wow, time flies! It was May 2016 when we started this series of online parties dedicated to the most attractive and hard working curvy women on the planet. And as we’ve said on Instagram, if you follow us here and on Instagram, then you are already VIP with us and have been granted early access to what we’ll be up to this summer. We thank those of you who have been with us up till now. And for the rest of you: What are you waiting for?! What better place to be for curvy women and their fans than right here!! We will randomly select some great summer-ready shots to spotlight here with out “Make it a CurveMonsters Summer” party pic, so if you’re curvy and savvy, then you better hurry up and post your pics on social media or contact us here asap to get featured! Get your wristbands and drinks ready and pick your favorite palm tree cuz the party has started and will be lit nonstop till Labor Day!

Make It a CurveMonsters Summer 2Make It a CurveMonsters Summer 3Make It a CurveMonsters Summer


Savage, Flawless Curvy Bodies to Kick Off Spring Break 2018!

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Some of you probably slept on the many reminders we gave you since December about our online Spring Curve party. Well it’s here now, and if you didn’t get your curves in a savage, flawless state liked these stunning beauties, it’s your own fault lol. Are you ready for the biggest curve party on the internet? Of course you are, because you are VIP if you came from our savage, popular Instagram pages (@CurveMonsters and @CurveMonstersGlam). This article is just the first of many, including some super fun video compilations we do annually, so get in the VIP line, come to the VIP booth, and get served these stone cold glasses of premium curves! Welcome to our Spring Break super event…






Top 30 Sizzlin’ Swim Looks For Spring Right Now! Pt. 1

Wow, with Spring 2017 ramping up this week, we have been breathless and speechless after sifting through so many sexy swim shots of the hottest Curvynistas on the planet! We managed to catch our breath and put together a showcase of the top 30 smokin’ hot swimsuit styles and curves we’ve come across so far. Hundreds of pics were examined from various social media accounts, so this is a new Spring series as there were more than 25! Stay tuned and enjoy this installment!
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