Summer Fine Faces, Pt 1


It’s summer time, with 4th of July being the height of the curve season! Here are the latest fine faces of summer that go along with those gorgeous bodies of summer…

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You’re Invited to a Fireworks Display of Curvy Bikinis

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Hope your 4th of July weekend is going as fabulous as you want it to be! This is the height of the summer season, which means all those curves that came out of hibernation will seek maximum attention. Is your style on point? There’s still plenty of time to upgrade your bikini wardrobe to keep up with the hottest curvy fashionistas on the planet. We’ve found the best of the best, and in this 4th of July bikini series, we will bring you all of them, including their Instagram names so you can go follow them and see even more! Enjoy.

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Hottest Curvy Fitness Looks for the Summer!

So what have you been doing to get your bikini weight in top shape? Hopefully you’ve been looking at the calendar and realize that summer is essentially here! But no worries, you can keep working out to fine tune your summer weight scenario. Check out these stunning fitness looks to get motivated to stay fit and fine this summer!

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The Freshest Faces to Start the Summer Season!


We love the summer as much as all of our beloved readers and followers! And what better way to continue our sexy online summer party than with a list of the freshest, prettiest faces to kick of a fun, exotic and enchanting summer for Curvynistas and their fans on the planet! It took us a little while this time because we wanted to make sure to pick not only the freshest and cutest faces, but also the faces that had that certain mystique, that certain X factor that combines the fun and innocence of summer with that alluring gaze that draws you in. And to top that off, these faces belong to women with curves! So let’s end Memorial Day Weekend 2017 with our choices for the freshest faces this summer.

Congrats to @madeleinesarah22 for being selected as the featured image as it was not easy at all. She was one of four we considered, the other 3 being @itskhrysss, @lalatheislandgal and @britt_ru. And honestly, any of the 77 faces here could have been selected, and the tough decision came down to which photo had the most allure in the look, based on eye contact. It was a toss up between @madeleinesarah22 and @itskhrysss, so we flipped a coin lol.

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The Summer Curve Party Has Started!

Yay!!! We talked about it for a year now. Since the beginning of the year, we encouraged you to start working on your summer body and get your style right because Summer 2017 will be bigger and better than last year!. And now we’re here. With the Memorial Day weekend comes the launch of the summer swimsuit season and all the fun BBQs, jet set exotic vacations, and lazy days in the hammock, reading your favorite book while sippin’ wine, or curled up with a boo overlooking some beachy peachy scene, crisp and clean. Enjoying the beauties of nature just as created by design! [Continue reading after photo]


And the other creation that many enjoy this time of year is the way curves put pressure on bikinis to grab the attention of all who witness them as they go by. Whether on the beaches of Santorini or the Bahamas, or that lit Las Vegas or South Beach cabana pool party scene for the upscale, it is you curvy fashionistas who the world will gawk at, with some men getting slapped by their girlfriends for staring too long, lol! This is your season to bring the curves out of hibernation, to let go of the long sleeves and long, thick pants, and let the sheer fabric of you lightest dresses and bodysuits lace your hips and breasts the way that fits your style and keeps you from getting a ticket for public nudity. [Continue reading after photo]

CM cai_swimwear

And finally, as a public service announcement, when you do bring your curves out of hibernation, just remember to please have mercy on those older gentlemen out there who have heard conditions and pacemakers because those peach-shaped, buxom weapons you have can cause a sudden onset of heart attacks and strokes if you’re not careful. (Yes, we’re serious…well, it is summer, so a little light humor, lol). Without further adieu, welcome to the Summer of 2017, the season of unlimited curves! Enjoy the gallery…


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