The Freshest Faces to Start the Summer Season!


We love the summer as much as all of our beloved readers and followers! And what better way to continue our sexy online summer party than with a list of the freshest, prettiest faces to kick of a fun, exotic and enchanting summer for Curvynistas and their fans on the planet! It took us a little while this time because we wanted to make sure to pick not only the freshest and cutest faces, but also the faces that had that certain mystique, that certain X factor that combines the fun and innocence of summer with that alluring gaze that draws you in. And to top that off, these faces belong to women with curves! So let’s end Memorial Day Weekend 2017 with our choices for the freshest faces this summer.

Congrats to @madeleinesarah22 for being selected as the featured image as it was not easy at all. She was one of four we considered, the other 3 being @itskhrysss, @lalatheislandgal and @britt_ru. And honestly, any of the 77 faces here could have been selected, and the tough decision came down to which photo had the most allure in the look, based on eye contact. It was a toss up between @madeleinesarah22 and @itskhrysss, so we flipped a coin lol.

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Screenshot_2017-05-04_125414Screenshot_2017-05-19_072237Screenshot_2017-05-15_112831Screenshot_2017-05-11_103116Screenshot_2017-05-12_093419Screenshot_2017-05-06_170615Screenshot_2017-05-10_085352Screenshot_2017-05-02_074036Screenshot_2017-05-01_221508Screenshot_2017-05-01_104336CM Dallas 3Screenshot_2017-04-27_172504

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