Taking the Perfect Selfie Requires the Right Tools and Setting

A little over 3 years ago, we at CurveMonsters posted a set of guidelines for taking the best selfies for us to consider posting on our popular Instagram page. The response was overwhelming, and 3 years later, the advice we gave is still relevant and needed. If you haven’t checked it out, please feel free to do so.

This brief blog post simply highlights two other best practices for taking the best selfies to increase your chances of getting a repost on our social media pages. Using any tool to stabilize your pictures and getting them at the perfect camera angle is a must. And that is even more urgent for videos, where shaky hands can often blue parts of the video and leave them with unimpressive angles. The videos we include for our very effective “Lifestyles of CurveMonsters” promo campaign are stable, even and have impressive angles.

iPhone 8 Camera Mounting Case

We recommend using a tripod or anti-gravity suction phone case like the one available on this site (pictured above). If you already have one, great. The idea is to mount your phone so that videos are as stable as possible.

Something else even more important than mounting your phone camera is lighting. We cannot stress this enough. Poor lighting is the enemy of the perfect selfie. One way to help increase lighting for selfies is to use a vanity mirror (pictured below) in conjunction with the overall lighting in the area you’re in.

Collapsible Vanity Mirror for the Traveling Fashionista

A vanity mirror can help smooth out the shadows on par with your make up, leaving you looking like a celebrity. So give these tips a try and let us know what you think by writing a review of the products if you decide to buy here!

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Stuffed Curves Body Shots of the World’s Most Curvy Women!

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These Curves Put The Best Jeans Under Pressure


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Hope you’re having a great Thanksgiving weekend! Ever get a little ticked off when people at work, or school, or on a date just come up and bother you for no reason? Us too! The song “Don’t Mess With Me” by our sponsor’s entertainment unit, 50 Plano Studios, highlights some of that! It’s exclusively made for us and after we heard it, we suggest you turn it up on a bass-tastic sound system if you can! If not, your headphones should be fine, too.


The curves in this video are so robust and thick they put bikinis, jeans, leggings and skirts under pressure, almost poppin at the seams! If you are curvy like this, and have a video of yourself stuffing your curves into your favorite clothing brands (leave the price tags on if possible) either at home or especially in a dressing room, tag us and use the hashtag #StuffedCurvesChallenge! No nudity! If we select your video, you will be in the next chapter of this series with full credits!

And if you can sing or rap to this beat, let us know! Record yourself in 60 seconds or less and send it to us on our website or Instagram/Facebook (@CurveMonstersGlam or @CurveMonsters). Or if you have a song that follows the theme of this song, let us know (no overly explicit lyrics, gotta be fun). This will give your song a chance to be sold on the same online music store platforms as the main song! Visit our YouTube channel right now to view the full video and subscribe!


It’s October 2018! What you expect?!

It’s the Stuffed Curves Challenge

At the CurveMonstersGlam online party!

Bring the beat back, DJ…


Featured Song

Don’t Mess With Me” by Ballistic D


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Visit the pages of all the ladies right now and watch the more videos on our main website and be sure to follow our YouTube channel! This sultry installment contains minutes of various aspects of the curvy fashionista lifestyles for the Fall, from fine dining, dressing rooms, beach scenes, to night life, talents, humor, and just plain fun!


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This is ‘Lifestyles Of The Glam and Curvy’, a Curve Monsters/50 Plano TV social media show where we identify the most attractive women everywhere who are smart about their business, or show potential to take their talents to the next level! Our YouTube Channel, the most stylish and curviest channel on the planet! Don’t fear the curve, embrace it! Branding classy curvy models everywhere starting in Dallas. It’s simple: just be curvy. We’ll find you. Being curvy and glamorous is more than just waking up like that. It’s the right fitness regimen, having the right glam team, traveling to the right spots, and having an active social life that makes an impact on others.


Curvy Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Vol 3


Curve-endowed girls are just like all the other girls…they just wanna have fun! Just living their best life during the summer, whether in Miami or the Caribbean, or exotic parts of the South Pacific and top resorts in Africa, South America and Europe. They’re turning heads in the best night clubs, twerkin’ on far away beaches, buying the latest styles on their cards (or his black card lol), briskly catwalkin’ through airports so as not to miss that all too important Dubai flight, and just letting loose and acting goofy for no damn reason!

Whatever the occasion, they bring that spirit of summer vibes no matter where they are. And we love it!

The videos we chose for this latest edition of our popular summer party series captures all of their positive energy and then some. Be sure to like, share, and subscribe, and visit the Instagram pages of each of these fun ladies and their photographers, videographers and glam squad. Contact us today if you want to sponsor the next video like our great sponsor, 50Plano.com. We don’t own any rights to the ladies’ video clips or any music they choose. Any images and music provided by 50Plano TV are called out. Thanks!. Enjoy…

Time to Be Active and Fit Well Before Summer, Pt 1

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With the new year well under way, and Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we can’t forget our new year’s resolutions to lose weight and tone those sexy curves up! Soring Break is less than 8 weeks away and usually marks the beginning of swimsuit season. Being fit means having a plan, whether simple or complex, to avoid excess fat, sugar, and other curve hating foods and drinks (including your favorite sugar-rich margaritas and lemon drop martinis). If you haven’t tried apple cider vinegar yet, look into. It’s good for a lot of stuff, and helps in keeping your appetite under control. Mix in a few sprinkles of tumeric, cinnamon, cayenne pepper and a half and half mix of cranberry juice and water, and you have a wonder drink that will help keep you focused on fitness. What are you waiting for?! Get to it!


The online curvy fitness party is right here, so follow us here and on Instagram to stay in the loop from now until summer! We have more fitness articles coming up so you don’t wanna miss one article. Get motivated by these super sexy curvynistas of fitness…






Hottest Curvy Fitness Looks for the Summer!

So what have you been doing to get your bikini weight in top shape? Hopefully you’ve been looking at the calendar and realize that summer is essentially here! But no worries, you can keep working out to fine tune your summer weight scenario. Check out these stunning fitness looks to get motivated to stay fit and fine this summer!

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Curvy Fitness is Hot with these Sexy Styles

Whenever you see women modeling fitness outfits and gear online or on TV, they’re usually pretty thin. Not knocking them for that, of course. But for curvy women who need to see what certain fitness outfits might look like on curvier frames, this can be a hit or miss proposition. So as we’ve been scouring social media for the best evening and casual styles, we stumbled across some very sexy curvy women who look great in fitness styles. Hope you find some you like in the video below, which is on your YouTube Channel, and in the pics. We plan on doing several volumes of this fitness series, so if you find some curvy fitness styles, let us know. Staying fit and curvy is key to slaying fashion this Spring and Summer!


SmartSelectImage_2016-03-16-14-25-24SmartSelectImage_2016-03-17-13-50-11SmartSelectImage_2016-03-17-18-25-42SmartSelectImage_2016-03-18-09-51-35SmartSelectImage_2016-04-21-16-49-15 copySmartSelectImage_2016-04-22-07-12-49 copyScreenshot_2015-12-03-16-46-48