Curvy Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Vol 3


Curve-endowed girls are just like all the other girls…they just wanna have fun! Just living their best life during the summer, whether in Miami or the Caribbean, or exotic parts of the South Pacific and top resorts in Africa, South America and Europe. They’re turning heads in the best night clubs, twerkin’ on far away beaches, buying the latest styles on their cards (or his black card lol), briskly catwalkin’ through airports so as not to miss that all too important Dubai flight, and just letting loose and acting goofy for no damn reason!

Whatever the occasion, they bring that spirit of summer vibes no matter where they are. And we love it!

The videos we chose for this latest edition of our popular summer party series captures all of their positive energy and then some. Be sure to like, share, and subscribe, and visit the Instagram pages of each of these fun ladies and their photographers, videographers and glam squad. Contact us today if you want to sponsor the next video like our great sponsor, We don’t own any rights to the ladies’ video clips or any music they choose. Any images and music provided by 50Plano TV are called out. Thanks!. Enjoy…

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