Curvy Fitness is Hot with these Sexy Styles

Whenever you see women modeling fitness outfits and gear online or on TV, they’re usually pretty thin. Not knocking them for that, of course. But for curvy women who need to see what certain fitness outfits might look like on curvier frames, this can be a hit or miss proposition. So as we’ve been scouring social media for the best evening and casual styles, we stumbled across some very sexy curvy women who look great in fitness styles. Hope you find some you like in the video below, which is on your YouTube Channel, and in the pics. We plan on doing several volumes of this fitness series, so if you find some curvy fitness styles, let us know. Staying fit and curvy is key to slaying fashion this Spring and Summer!


SmartSelectImage_2016-03-16-14-25-24SmartSelectImage_2016-03-17-13-50-11SmartSelectImage_2016-03-17-18-25-42SmartSelectImage_2016-03-18-09-51-35SmartSelectImage_2016-04-21-16-49-15 copySmartSelectImage_2016-04-22-07-12-49 copyScreenshot_2015-12-03-16-46-48

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