Project Runway’s Layana Aguilar to Outfit Disney’s Latina Princess| Hello Beautiful

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Disney has a cartoon series debuting on their channel in July about Latina Princess Elena of Avalor. Young and Hungry actress Aimee Carrero is providing the voice of Elena who is a fortuitous and adventurous teenager who saves her kingdom from an evil witch and must learn to rule until she becomes queen. An Elena film is also scheduled to be in the works…Brazilian designer Layana Aguilar was tapped by Disney to create a dress for Princess Elena.

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Ready to Start Your Fashion and Beauty Channel?

The YouTube Creator Academy just released a new video offering tips on how to launch your own fashion and beauty channel. Such a channel would be quite a marketing strategy for those who run their own boutiques or offer glam services. Check it out and let us know your thoughts!


Also be sure to check out our latest fashion video! Click the image below. We’re on Instagram at @curvemonsters.


Need Cute Lounge Wear Style Ideas? View the Hottest Ones We Found!

If you’ve been following our series, we identified some winning swimwear and evening looks for the Spring and Summer. We found some sexy casual styles and fitness looks that accentuate curves nicely! And now, after being active at the beach on vacation and at your favorite night spot, you need to unwind back at the hotel resort or in the comfort of your own home. And if you plan on a Netflix and chill moment with that special someone, you may want to look your sensual best to him. So we found some slaying “home chill” styles on social media that are guaranteed to have him more into your curves than the movie you were trying to watch (let’s face it, after a few minutes of watching that movie, the TV starts watching you two lol). So without further adieu, find your style, ladies…


Curvy Fitness is Hot with these Sexy Styles

Whenever you see women modeling fitness outfits and gear online or on TV, they’re usually pretty thin. Not knocking them for that, of course. But for curvy women who need to see what certain fitness outfits might look like on curvier frames, this can be a hit or miss proposition. So as we’ve been scouring social media for the best evening and casual styles, we stumbled across some very sexy curvy women who look great in fitness styles. Hope you find some you like in the video below, which is on your YouTube Channel, and in the pics. We plan on doing several volumes of this fitness series, so if you find some curvy fitness styles, let us know. Staying fit and curvy is key to slaying fashion this Spring and Summer!


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What Makes Anastasia of Beverly Hills a Makeup Powerhouse?


Anastasia of Beverly Hills is not only the darling of celebrities in Los Angeles, but also the entire social media world. With nearly 10 million followers on Instagram alone, rivaling many major celebrity follower counts, you can understand that Anastasia is a makeup industry force to be reckoned with. Our CurveMonstersGlam Instagram page spotlights some of their beauty followers. Below is video history of this popular company. Enjoy, and let us know what you think.

Some of Our Fave Casual Looks This Spring/Summer 2016

Whether you’re on vacation to some fun hot spot with palm trees, or you’re heading to a trendy boutique in town to do some afternoon shopping, you’re gonna still need to pick the right casual styles to accentuate your curves in a comfortable way. Whether you are used to the attention that curvy women often get in some casual styles will determine your choice of outfits. Some curvy women prefer a low key casual approach, so they may lightly cover up hips, booties and breasts with clothing items that are appropriate for the warm temperature. Other curvy fashionistas, however, have no problem with the attention and often choose casual styles that make heads turn. So imagine how tough our job was in picking the right mix of casual styles that we hoped would span these curve spectrums.

Having said all of that, enjoy our selections below, and in our fashion video on our YouTube Channel! Let us know your thoughts, and if we missed anyone or any styles, we’ll do a second casual style video.

SmartSelectImage_2016-04-21-16-07-00SmartSelectImage_2016-04-21-16-04-09SmartSelectImage_2016-04-21-16-57-57SmartSelectImage_2016-04-20-12-20-43SmartSelectImage_2016-04-21-07-17-57SmartSelectImage_2016-04-22-06-13-59SmartSelectImage_2016-04-22-06-13-18 copySmartSelectImage_2016-04-22-18-32-28SmartSelectImage_2016-04-22-06-24-16SmartSelectImage_2016-04-22-06-10-15SmartSelectImage_2016-04-21-20-04-46 copySmartSelectImage_2016-04-22-05-58-41SmartSelectImage_2016-04-21-16-54-50SmartSelectImage_2016-04-21-16-46-10SmartSelectImage_2016-04-22-05-46-05 copySmartSelectImage_2016-04-21-16-51-17SmartSelectImage_2016-04-21-16-42-03SmartSelectImage_2016-04-20-18-18-46 copySmartSelectImage_2016-04-20-12-21-55 copySmartSelectImage_2016-04-20-08-42-48SmartSelectImage_2016-04-19-23-24-46 copySmartSelectImage_2016-04-23-20-48-46SmartSelectImage_2016-04-24-10-13-48SmartSelectImage_2016-04-23-09-48-18SmartSelectImage_2016-04-20-08-01-18

New Instagram Page for Our Glam Industry Friends!

If you are a glam service provider, we just launched a new Instagram page for you! It’s @curvemonstersglam. Hair, make up, nails, clothing style ideas, shoes, jewelry, fashion photography, etc. For the Spring and Summer, we’re spotlighting our favorite glam providers based on what we see and word of mouth. So if you want to be featured or know someone who should be, let us know asap!

Can Your Song Appear in Our Next Video?

For the Spring and Summer seasons, we have several more fashion blog videos planned. If you have uptempo songs that mesh very well with our content format, let us hear from you! If we select your song, we will provide full credit in the accompanying article and YouTube Channel, including a link back to your website or social media page. Also, if you work with video vixens in your current or past projects, we will feature you and them in an upcoming article.

The song formats are Dance, EDM, Pop, Hip Hop, uptempo R&B. Songs should be 5 minutes or less. Radio friendly versions only (no profanity or lyrics demeaning to women nor offensive to any groups). If we select your song, you agree to let us use your song royalty free and we agree not to use your song for any purpose other than for the specific fashion video project we use it in. Our song submission period is open until May 14, 2016, so hurry up and submit a link to your song today (or use our Contact page for other ways to get us your MP3 files).