All Star Curves of July Glam – CurveMonsters Summer Party 2019 Vol 18

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Featured Song: Pullin Her String

Featured cover girl: @Saraacorradi

It’s still the middle of July on a weekend, babies, and it’s hot through most of the nation!!! It’s our All Star Curves of July Edition!! We don’t stop, dammit! Get them curves to the beach or dive in the pool 🙂 You all best be ready for this online summer break out party cuz it won’t stop till around Labor Day Weekend! It’s the 4th annual Curvemonsters Beach and Pool Summer Party, so advertisers contact us right now to promote your products and services!!! The summer heat is turning up here in the Dallas area, and curves are comin’ out in swarms 🙂 Full video will be on YouTube and Patreon… CurveMonsters Summer Party for June 2019

We spotlight the best, curve friendly swim looks on some of the most beautiful curvy women in the world. And what better way to party than with an eyeful of these video clips…

The summer queens of curves, in order of appearance after the first 60 seconds:

From Jaderamey

How To Get in Our Next Smokin Hot Curvy Video

First of all, judging by the overwhelming response, we can safely assume you guys like the updated, stylish format of our 4th Annual CurveMonsters Fitness Season video series. A big thanks to all of the tens of thousands of you Instagrammers who have been our loyal followers! We couldn’t have done it without you.

Of course, with the growing success of our video series comes many, many requests to be included in our next video. One of these days, we’ll do a behind the scenes (BTS) video about how we select videos and pics, and how we categorize them in source folders, then select the best of those based on the theme of the video series and the vision/video treatment for that individual video. Once we get down to a few dozen videos, we look for the best snipper within each clip. Then we line them up in the video editing timeline and produce it from there.

The actual process is quite detailed and can take hours. We’ll focus on the pre-production selection process for now. If you’ve followed us for some time, you know that we published a guideline on what to do to maximize your chances of being selected for posting your pics and videos. We strongly suggest you read those guidelines first! To keep this article short, we won’t re-publish those guidelines here so be sure to check them out.

Once you have figured out the fundamentals of our publishing guidelines, the next thing to consider is what are doing in the video, what do you look like, and your style. As with any entertainment media, the more engaging and unique your video content, the better. And of course, you have to showcase your curvy figure in a tasteful way 🙂 Some videos we look at are just simple poses or go too far in terms of expressions of sexuality, so we tend to not use those. Also, because of the increased scrutiny of digital rights enforcement on YouTube, Facebook and now Instagram, we have to mute videos unless you are the artist performing the song and expressly give us permission to use it. We would use this written permission on appeal if needed.

Finally, buy one of the apparel items we have on sale at Buy and post. Tag us, and we’ll repost you! It’s that simple. That is also a pathway to becoming a CurveMonsters insider. We give preference to insiders on many projects.

That’s it for now. If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask. Also, it’s good to study our current videos, paying close attention to each clip to see if your videos follow suit. And once again, read our pic and video guidelines at the links provided. Be creative and curvy! Have fun.

Top 3 Ways to Get Posted On Our World’s Most Curvy Instagram Page

Hey there! As we’ve gained in popularity, one of the most common questions that comes up is “How can I get posted on your page.” First of all, a big thanks to all of you for being engaged with our content. As we’ve been telling everyone, we have been swamped with numerous requests to post in recent months, more so than ever before. As a result, our current roster of scheduled posts is long and competitive. But instead of just telling you we’re no longer accepting submissions from women we don’t know, we instead offer options as we appreciate your following us and being passionate about who you are and what you want to do. Soooooo, there are 3 ways to get posted:

1. If you’ve been posted on our page before and have a history of being a top performer, we give high priority in the list

2. We routinely browse pics on random Instagram pages and will add you to the list of posts to be scheduled if we think your picture fits our format (see our criteria here for more info). It is good to know your best angles when taking pics and have the right style. We always favor full length or ¾ length pics, and not too close to nudity as Instagram will suddenly shut the page down! So always be ready because you never know when we’ll pop up on your page.

3. Since December 2018, we launched a “Buy One Post One (discount code BOPO)” campaign where if you buy one of our apparel items, just wear it, take a selfie (at least from the knees up to the face) and tag us. We will fast track your post to the top of the scheduled posts! Visit for CurveMonsters related apparel items.

In addition to this, we have some exciting ambassadorship opportunities coming soon, including in the travel and hospitality industry, so be sure to stay engaged.

Thanks, and happy posting!

Check Out Our New Google+ Community for Curvy Women Today!

We’re dedicated to every aspect of the lifestyles of glam and Curvynistas everywhere, and what better way to prove it than with a Google+ community page! Take time out iof your busy day to check it out. Not only have we added some of our articles from this site, but also links to other sites and YouTube videos we think you might find helpful as a beautiful curvy woman. The quick video below…

CurveMonsters is More Than Just a Name…

CurveMonsters was founded in 2015 with the firm belief that attractive, curvy women are more than just bodies, but are venerable and influential lifestyle brands in themselves! Beautiful, curvy women have the unique ability to be influencers if they can combine their physical attributes with their intelligence, soft social skills and business savvy. So, it’s not just about looking pretty in order for you to get discovered. Instead, what is it about your lifestyle that can transform others to follow your lead or gravitate to you?

As with musicians, marketing geniuses look for very attractive women, and men  too, who are influencers in their circles and draw a sizable crowd to their social media page. Companies are paying big money to tap into your lifestyle, so rethink how you present your portfolio to align with lifestyle branding in a way that is consistent with who you are at your core. Dallas-based CurveMonsters is focused on lifestyle branding, which goes beyond simply posting a pic online.

The team at CurveMonsters has consistently seen a direct correlation between hit songs and hashtags that appear in the posts of some of the most beautiful women on social media. A current article in Entrepreneur Magazine, as well as a post on our Dallas-based friends at, go in depth on this topic!

Is Your Video Entertaining Enough to Be Featured here?


Do you have a video of yourself out and about shopping or dancing or showing off your looks or glam style choices? The next phase in our Spring and Summer video projects it’s to spotlight the most entertaining and stylish videos that reflect your lifestyle. It can be you on vacation looking your best, at your favorite night spot or pool party, singing or showing your unique talent, exercising in hot fitness looks, or something that shows you at your best.

The videos will be condensed into a collage with slick transitions and voice-overs to make it like a lifestyle show. If selected, you get full credit and link back to whatever social media page or website you tell us. We won’t own or sell the content. You retain your copyright ownership. DM us if you want us to check you out, and as usual  we will scour the web looking for these best content. Fun times ahead…

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Can Your Song Appear in Our Next Video?

For the Spring and Summer seasons, we have several more fashion blog videos planned. If you have uptempo songs that mesh very well with our content format, let us hear from you! If we select your song, we will provide full credit in the accompanying article and YouTube Channel, including a link back to your website or social media page. Also, if you work with video vixens in your current or past projects, we will feature you and them in an upcoming article.

The song formats are Dance, EDM, Pop, Hip Hop, uptempo R&B. Songs should be 5 minutes or less. Radio friendly versions only (no profanity or lyrics demeaning to women nor offensive to any groups). If we select your song, you agree to let us use your song royalty free and we agree not to use your song for any purpose other than for the specific fashion video project we use it in. Our song submission period is open until May 14, 2016, so hurry up and submit a link to your song today (or use our Contact page for other ways to get us your MP3 files).