Top 3 Ways to Get Posted On Our World’s Most Curvy Instagram Page

Hey there! As we’ve gained in popularity, one of the most common questions that comes up is “How can I get posted on your page.” First of all, a big thanks to all of you for being engaged with our content. As we’ve been telling everyone, we have been swamped with numerous requests to post in recent months, more so than ever before. As a result, our current roster of scheduled posts is long and competitive. But instead of just telling you we’re no longer accepting submissions from women we don’t know, we instead offer options as we appreciate your following us and being passionate about who you are and what you want to do. Soooooo, there are 3 ways to get posted:

1. If you’ve been posted on our page before and have a history of being a top performer, we give high priority in the list

2. We routinely browse pics on random Instagram pages and will add you to the list of posts to be scheduled if we think your picture fits our format (see our criteria here for more info). It is good to know your best angles when taking pics and have the right style. We always favor full length or ¾ length pics, and not too close to nudity as Instagram will suddenly shut the page down! So always be ready because you never know when we’ll pop up on your page.

3. Since December 2018, we launched a “Buy One Post One (discount code BOPO)” campaign where if you buy one of our apparel items, just wear it, take a selfie (at least from the knees up to the face) and tag us. We will fast track your post to the top of the scheduled posts! Visit for CurveMonsters related apparel items.

In addition to this, we have some exciting ambassadorship opportunities coming soon, including in the travel and hospitality industry, so be sure to stay engaged.

Thanks, and happy posting!

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