CurveMonsters is More Than Just a Name…

CurveMonsters was founded in 2015 with the firm belief that attractive, curvy women are more than just bodies, but are venerable and influential lifestyle brands in themselves! Beautiful, curvy women have the unique ability to be influencers if they can combine their physical attributes with their intelligence, soft social skills and business savvy. So, it’s not just about looking pretty in order for you to get discovered. Instead, what is it about your lifestyle that can transform others to follow your lead or gravitate to you?

As with musicians, marketing geniuses look for very attractive women, and men  too, who are influencers in their circles and draw a sizable crowd to their social media page. Companies are paying big money to tap into your lifestyle, so rethink how you present your portfolio to align with lifestyle branding in a way that is consistent with who you are at your core. Dallas-based CurveMonsters is focused on lifestyle branding, which goes beyond simply posting a pic online.

The team at CurveMonsters has consistently seen a direct correlation between hit songs and hashtags that appear in the posts of some of the most beautiful women on social media. A current article in Entrepreneur Magazine, as well as a post on our Dallas-based friends at, go in depth on this topic!

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