A Cautious Tale About Cosmetic Surgeries Gone Wrong

These days, cosmetic surgeries are pretty common and sometimes taken for granted as if they are all equally safe and sound. But beware, babes. Please do your homework on the best practices when it comes to butt injections, lip injections, and other cosmetic surgeries. If you don’t, you can literally risk your life for no good reason. Over the years, we’ve had many women ask us for advice on getting bigger butts, boobs and curves, and so we feel obligated to advise women to please be careful and choose licensed cosmetic surgeons if you choose this path. Here is a riveting video interview of a beautiful young lady who learned the hard way, and is now trying to help other beautiful women avoid the same mistake.

The person being interviewed has dedicated her Instagram page to helping other women get help for cosmetic surgeries gone bad, and to help her get the silicone junk out of her body.

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