Curvy Fall Fashion: CurvemonstersGlam Kurvy Kostume Editon Vol 4!

Hey it’s Nov 1st! Costume and masquerade season started yesterday! What did you wear? Ready for those Fall costume balls and parties? Don’t forget we’re on Roku so find us on the 50Plano TV channel if you have a Roku device. We want you to tell us who your favorite Curvemonsters costumes are as we post them across our social media platforms and websites!

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Hey! Since 2015, we’ve been building a network of the most beautiful and influential curvy fashionistas worldwide, and they have responded by regularly checking in with our social media presence on multiple fronts. And now that we’re expanding to Roku TV with @fiftyplano, streaming videos from our cloud based platform, our media influence is growing 🙂

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Curvemonsters Christmas NYE Week Vol 3

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Hey, Merry Christmas people! Just over 2 days till Christmas, and New Year’s Eve is next week! Wow, time flies! Ladies, if your man hasn’t got you a Christmas gift yet and you think he needs ideas, Amazon might be able to work out a shipping miracle so hurry…have him check out http://www.50Plano.Store. And guys if you want to know how to buy the right gift for a top notch bad beyotch like the beautiful women featured in this video, definitely visit the store site! And if you’re not listening to the soundtrack on deep bass headphones, car stereo, or home theater system, you won’t get the full HD experience!

Merry Christmas to all the top queens of curves we’ve featured all year, and of course, all of our valued followers. We’ve got more videos in this Christmas series coming behind this one, so you’ve been warned. Ladies, if you got what it takes to be in the next “Favorite Things” video, and especially if you are wearing one of the luxury brands mentioned, hit us up asap!

Who cares what they say about you when you step out in style for those Christmas parties! Desire is yours this Fall. Be thankful for the curves in your life 😁 Hopefully your Christmas season is off to a good start. In less than 30 days, our fifth annual CurveMonsters Swimsuit Fitness Preseason Challenge starts up to keep you motivated to avoid gaining new weight before swimwear season kicks off in May 2020, so stay tuned and follow us here and on our main website! We’re also on Tik Tok and Pinterest so look for us 😊

How NOT to Get Ripped Off When Building Your Website

Editor’s Note: This article was originally written by our sponsor, John the CEO of Samsona Software/50 Plano. We know that many of the major Instagram influencers on our popular CurveMonsters IG pages, as well as many businessmen who are followers, use web developers for their websites large and small, so this article is for you!

Every so often, I’ll come across someone who had bright eyed dreams about launching a website as part of their business plan, only to have those dreams go down in flames because someone they trusted with their hard earned money failed to deliver the desired website on time, if at all. The average losses they suffered in terms of websites that were half done or poorly done has been about $400-900. How could this happen?

The problem comes into play due in part to greed on behalf of the website developer, and lack of knowledge on the part of the customer. Usually, the potential customer asks friends for referrals to web developers or they post on the various social media sites looking for someone. Without doing much research, they pick a developer who sounds convincing and seems “technical.” The developer charges anywhere from $250 to over $1,000+ to do the whole website without providing a lot of details about what’s all involved. They usually pressure customers to pay the entire amount up front. A few customers try to negotiate a lower fee or pay half as a deposit, promising to pay the other half when the site is complete.

Regardless of what price is negotiated, the outcome is often the same: The developer starts on the site, putting up a web page or two, adding some photos and text, and few social media links here and there, and then poof! They vanish. The customer tries calling, but no answer or the number is disconnected. Hundreds of their hard earned dollars gone and they’re ready to sue.

But wait. Is there anything you could have done differently to avoid losing so much money?

Read the rest of this very informative article here!

A Cautious Tale About Cosmetic Surgeries Gone Wrong

These days, cosmetic surgeries are pretty common and sometimes taken for granted as if they are all equally safe and sound. But beware, babes. Please do your homework on the best practices when it comes to butt injections, lip injections, and other cosmetic surgeries. If you don’t, you can literally risk your life for no good reason. Over the years, we’ve had many women ask us for advice on getting bigger butts, boobs and curves, and so we feel obligated to advise women to please be careful and choose licensed cosmetic surgeons if you choose this path. Here is a riveting video interview of a beautiful young lady who learned the hard way, and is now trying to help other beautiful women avoid the same mistake.

The person being interviewed has dedicated her Instagram page to helping other women get help for cosmetic surgeries gone bad, and to help her get the silicone junk out of her body.