The Most Captivating, Heart Warming Faces for November

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Whew, October just disappeared in a hurry! Don’t you still remember September 30 like it was yesterday? And so November begins, as we start to turn our attention to colder weather and Thanksgiving feasts that warm the entire house. And what better way to celebrate hearth and warmth than with a round of wonderful, beautiful faces from curvynistas we celebrate and adore! Hope you enjoy…







Fabulous and Flawless for Fall 2017, Vol 1 – House of Curvynista

Welcome to the Fall 2017 online VIP red carpet party of the glam side of CurveMonsters, the most fun, curve oriented social media magazine in the world. We’re a bit late in this installment of our popular video clip compilation series, but we like to say we are as fashionably late as our favorite curvy fashionistas! It took us a while because we’ve been working with our sponsor at 50 Plano TV to upgrade the video editing and sound features to make this and future video compilations more dazzling and slayed like you! Hope you enjoy…

Be sure to visit the Instagram pages of all the lovely curvynistas featured in this video!! We love them all, and we think they are among the best, which is why we chose them for this special promo compilation! The Instagram name of each curvynista is at the beginning of their respective video clips.

And if you want your next video project to be like this, including the music and soundtrack at no extra charge, contact us today.

Note: The rights to all video clips reposted in this compilation are the property of the respective owners/producers and not CurveMonsters or 50Plano TV. Our compilation edit encompasses mixing and editing, including transition effects so that the flow from one video to the next is as seamless and visually appealing as possible.

Warning: The video contains some mature language. Not suitable for all ages.


Coach Becomes Tapestry?

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For the past couple of years, as we’ve poured through thousands of curvy social media pages, one of the popular bag brands has been Coach. Many of you love the brand. But after acquiring the Kate Spade brand for about $2.4 billion recently, and Stuart Weitzmann two years ago, the 76 year old luxury brand decided to restructure itself as a luxury holding company, with Coach being a brand under the new Tapestry umbrella. It’s sort of similar to when Google became Alphabet, yet still keeping the Google search brand. Critics on social media and the luxury industry apparently didn’t quite get the memo, and unleashed a firestorm of tough words about the new Tapestry name. You can read the entire juicy story on Reuters here.





The Most Flawless and Fabulous This Fall

In recent years, the fabulousness of Fall styles has emanated from curvy fashionistas everywhere, and more and more high end fashion houses have taken notice. For the top fashion brands who have embraced the curve in recent years, curvynistas from all over thank you. Question for the other leading fashion houses who still have yet to incorporate curvynistas in their runways: Why do skinny girls still get to have all the fun? Lol we have love for all fashionistas of all sizes, but surely the world has been groomed to embrace the curve now, thanks in part to efforts like those of us with our social media magazine approach linking all our online sites with Instagram.

This Fall, we want to see more flawless and fabulous curvynistas hit the runway as they are some of the best influencers out there. And in this article, we spotlight some eye poppin’, curve friendly styles we came across in our daily photo mining activities. Enjoy…

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Fall Elements for the House of Curvynistas Series, pt 2

Can you believe it’s almost October? Wow, does time fly! But there’s always time to make sure curvy fashionistas everywhere have their foundational fashion elements in place. In Pt. 1 of this series, we already showed you some of the hottest, curve friendly styles in the world for transitional, early Fall fashion ideas. [Continue reading below]


House of Curvynistas

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In this installment, we thought we’d show some of the most show stopping shoe styles from some of your favorite shoe porn providers such as @GiuseppeZanottiDesign, @EgoOfficial, @PublicDesire, @SimmiShoes, @iKrushCom, @LolaShoetiqueDolls and a few others (NazzCollectionClothing, Gucci and the “Star Trail boot” by Louis Vuitton, to name a few more). The “Harmony Velvet” by @GiuseppeZanottiDesign (pictured below) is a dazzling pair of heels that is set to be very sought after this Fall, so be prepared to get your feet pedicured by the best if you want to look your best in these.



We also threw in a few cute bags like @Fendi and @GinaTricot, as well as some complete ideas from stylist @Gia_Monae and @Asos (Tommy and Gigi collection). So go grab your popcorn or tea and see what elements would work with your Fall ensemble. And be sure to visit the Instagram pages of all of these great curvynistas fashion providers!

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Buy 1 Water Booster Get 1 Free (Valid from 9/28 – 10/10)



Fall Elements for the House of Curvynistas Series, pt 1

Hey, curvy ones and the fans of curvynistas everywhere. This Fall, we are introducing a new series focused on the various aspects of Fall style since this season can be a little tricky. The transition from Summer to Fall has a wide variety of weather conditions, some areas being quite warm (like here in Dallas), while others may feel a pinch of cool weather, although the weather today shows the U.S. is still warm in most places. Nonetheless, we put together a selection of pics we liked a lot from Instagram that we thought you might like to emulate for the climate in your particular city. Some elements will still look like late Summer glam, while others do have that special Fall flare. Several selections are from Fashionnova, while others are from DivaModeFashionCouture, Eradik_Boutique. OhPolly, Rebecca_Stella and ShopNicholeLynel.  We particularly liked KoolKelsey’s fabulous early Fall look with its top knot and faux bangs, as she describes it! Good job, ladies. Be sure to visit their Instagram pages today. Enjoy.

House of Curvynistas Black

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Top knot and faux bangsShopNicholeLynelfashionnova (2)Zararebecca_stellaEradik_BoutiqueDivaModeFashionCouture 1Fashionnova 5FashionnovacurveFashionnova 4fashionnova 3Screenshot_2017-09-03_210639Screenshot_2017-09-20_074107

Does Nicki Minaj Have a Point? Do High End Fashion Designers Copy Indie Designers?

The popular YouTube channel lovelyti2002 posted a video commentary about the harsh criticism superstar Nicki Minaj unleashed against well known high end fashion brands who, in this case, infringe on the design ideas of lesser known black fashion designers, similar to the way influential music artists are accused of copying lesser known artists without giving them credit. Although Minaj’s accusations are limited to indie black fashion designers, many non-black designers have also experienced similar problems. What is your take? Do high end fashion designers get more powerful and influential at the expense of independent designers? Let us know!

Oh, Those Curvy Toys of Summer!

As we wind down the excitement of our summer VIP party on this site and our Instagram pages, we realized we’re kinda behind in some categories. So we’re making sure to clear our inventory of the sexiest, most curvy pics of the summer before summer officially ends soon. Here’s a set of the most curvy motorized toy pics we enjoyed (we’ve got more coming, so follow us!)…

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