The Curvy Women of Spring 2018 – An Online CurveMonsters VIP Party

What better place to be than right here for our Spring 2018 online VIP red carpet party!!! You know this is the most fun, curve oriented experience in the world.
I’m your host John the fun guy of 50 Plano TV.


Be sure to visit the Instagram pages of all the lovely curvynistas featured in this video!! We love them all, and we think they are among the best, which is why we chose them for this special promo compilation! The Instagram name of each lady is at the beginning of their video clips.
And if you want your next video project to be like this, including the music and soundtrack at no extra charge, contact us today.
Let’s go DJ…



Note: The rights to all video clips reposted in this compilation are the property of the respective owners/producers and not CurveMonsters or 50Plano TV. Our compilation edit encompasses mixing and editing, including transition effects so that the flow from one video to the next is as seamless and visually appealing as possible.
Warning: The video contains some mature language. Not suitable for all ages.



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