You’re VIP at the Lit Summer Curve Party!


You’re VIP at the Lit Summer Curve Party! So you will not be bored this summer. This is a Curve Monsters/50 Plano TV social media show where we identify the most attractive curvy women everywhere who are smart about their business, or show potential to take their talents to the next level!

Our YouTube Channel, the most stylish and curviest channel on the planet! Don’t fear the curve, embrace it! Branding classy curvy models everywhere starting in Dallas. It’s simple: just be curvy. We’ll find you. Being curvy and glamorous is more than just waking up like that. It’s the right fitness regimen, having the right glam team, traveling to the right spots, and having an active social life that makes an impact on others.

The Summer Curve Party Has Started!

Yay!!! We talked about it for a year now. Since the beginning of the year, we encouraged you to start working on your summer body and get your style right because Summer 2017 will be bigger and better than last year!. And now we’re here. With the Memorial Day weekend comes the launch of the summer swimsuit season and all the fun BBQs, jet set exotic vacations, and lazy days in the hammock, reading your favorite book while sippin’ wine, or curled up with a boo overlooking some beachy peachy scene, crisp and clean. Enjoying the beauties of nature just as created by design! [Continue reading after photo]


And the other creation that many enjoy this time of year is the way curves put pressure on bikinis to grab the attention of all who witness them as they go by. Whether on the beaches of Santorini or the Bahamas, or that lit Las Vegas or South Beach cabana pool party scene for the upscale, it is you curvy fashionistas who the world will gawk at, with some men getting slapped by their girlfriends for staring too long, lol! This is your season to bring the curves out of hibernation, to let go of the long sleeves and long, thick pants, and let the sheer fabric of you lightest dresses and bodysuits lace your hips and breasts the way that fits your style and keeps you from getting a ticket for public nudity. [Continue reading after photo]

CM cai_swimwear

And finally, as a public service announcement, when you do bring your curves out of hibernation, just remember to please have mercy on those older gentlemen out there who have heard conditions and pacemakers because those peach-shaped, buxom weapons you have can cause a sudden onset of heart attacks and strokes if you’re not careful. (Yes, we’re serious…well, it is summer, so a little light humor, lol). Without further adieu, welcome to the Summer of 2017, the season of unlimited curves! Enjoy the gallery…


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Hottest Cars and Curves to Kick Off May


Hey curvynistas! We’re back at it again with another round of hottest rounded cars and rounded curves to kick off May and launch the pre Summer season of the curvy fashionista in swimsuits and curve hugging designers dresses! With summer comes the need for drooling guys to show off their whips to impress you, the queen of curves, while the sun is out and the beach and pool party scene heating up. Some of you will no doubt be hosting car wash fundraisers during the day before you transform into the sexy soiree siren you were meant to be at night, causing guys to crash their Aston Martins with their regular looking girlfriends in the passenger seat lol. Others will be revving up their curvy fitness game into high gear during the cooler mornings while on some exotic vacation far away. Regardless of how you flex your curve status to the world, the hotter weather will reach deep into your soul and bring out the inner curvynista while you drive your own smoking hot car. Here’s a tribute to you! Enjoy.

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The Hottest Swim and Sensual Pics Right Now to Kick Start May 2017!


Well now! April 2017 is basically a wrap, and May is ready to take over!
As always, we have been breathless and speechless after sifting through so many sexy swim shots of the hottest Curvynistas on the planet! We managed to catch our breath and put together a showcase of the most stunning Swim N Sensual styles and curves we’ve come across so far. Hundreds of pics were examined from various social media accounts, so this is a new Spring series as there were more than 25! Stay tuned and enjoy this installment!

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Screenshot_2017-04-07_084410Screenshot_2017-04-06_180352Shot by 40ozflockoScreenshot_2017-04-05_113754Screenshot_2017-04-28_073220sommer.swim bikini _2017-04-02_102823Screenshot_2017-04-28_074006Screenshot_2017-04-28_072444

Check Out Our New Google+ Community for Curvy Women Today!

We’re dedicated to every aspect of the lifestyles of glam and Curvynistas everywhere, and what better way to prove it than with a Google+ community page! Take time out iof your busy day to check it out. Not only have we added some of our articles from this site, but also links to other sites and YouTube videos we think you might find helpful as a beautiful curvy woman. The quick video below…

Hottest Curvynista Outfits This Spring Vol 1

Hey curvynistas and their fans! I’m your host, John the CEO, bringing you the
Hottest Curvynista Outfits This Spring! Are you readdddyyyyyyyyy?…Let’s go…

These are the Curvynistas (curvy fashionistas) in order of appearance:
@amirahdyme in @yerecollection
@kissedbyken in @alyssia_and_company
@erikayvonnerose in @fashionnova
@therealbody3x__ by @stevenoakk
@camilacamposoficial in @modamycloset
@angelbrinks in @angelbrinksfashions
@_1taylor in @luvyastyle____
@cynsantana in @shopsnu code: SaleOnSale
@melinda.kemp in @maurieandeve
@mselliss in @fashjonn
@nataliehalcro in @bad_af_fashion
@justtnic in @windsorstore
@oliviapierson in @meshkiboutique
@lemybeauty in @shopohrange
@uchemba_ by @shotbytony
@sommerray in @fashionnova jeans
@claudialb01 in @nlstoreperu
@romeriaro in @vixensroom_
@pauline.ivonne in @badgalblvd
@pauline.ivonne in @kamsclothing
@iskra in @fasionnova with @popandsuki bag
@briannaamor in @kamsclothing


These Curvynistas are showing curvy women everywhere that the hottest fashions are made for them!

Top 30 Sizzlin’ Swim Looks For Spring Right Now! Pt. 1

Wow, with Spring 2017 ramping up this week, we have been breathless and speechless after sifting through so many sexy swim shots of the hottest Curvynistas on the planet! We managed to catch our breath and put together a showcase of the top 30 smokin’ hot swimsuit styles and curves we’ve come across so far. Hundreds of pics were examined from various social media accounts, so this is a new Spring series as there were more than 25! Stay tuned and enjoy this installment!
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Remy vs Nicki! Who Wins Hottest Curvynista?

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While the music world awaits with baited breath the response (or lack thereof) of Nicki Minaj to Remy Ma’s now infamous dis rap, we wondered something more fun and fashionable: Who has the better curves, and who has the hottest curvy fashionista style? You decide. We found a few pics on Instagram to help the decision. be sure to go to both @RemyMa and @NickiMinaj on Instagram for even more photos. We will post the results of the survey some time next week so be sure to follow us here and on Instagram! No matter who wins, this has got to be the curviest rap battle in the history of hip hop! Vote today…

UPDATE: The voting was neck and neck, with the numbers going back and forth like a boxing match, but looks like slightly more of you prefer the style and curves of Nicki Minaj!

remy-1452008177Nicki-Minaj_-Alexander-Wang-Spring-2017-Show--05Remy Ma Reveals Release Date For 'Platas O Plomo'Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Fall-Winter 2017-2018reamy-ma-7Screenshot_2017-03-06_153810

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40 Fabulous Faces of Beauty Right Now!

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Back in January, we brought you a list of the 40 most fabulous faces we came across online. As you probably know by now, we scour the internet and social media for the most beautiful and stunning curvy women all over the planet. This means we come across hundreds of online photos regularly. So it is no easy task to identify the 40 most fabulous faces among the best of the Curvynistas! Even now, we surprised ourselves at how many absolutely gorgeous faces we stumbled across. Cudos to all the make up artists (MUAs) out there for your handy facial skills, and congrats to the parents of these lovely Curvynistas for imparting their special DNA power into these gorgeous women. We love it!

Without further ado, we present the 4o Fabulous Faces right now…(The slide show above has all 40)


Top Bad and Boojee Curvynistas Right Now! Part 2

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Earlier this month, we introduced you to this new top list, and we were pleasantly surprised by the response here and across our social media platforms, especially Instagram (@CurveMonsters and @CurveMonstersGlam). Back then, Feb 7, the hit song ‘Bad and Boujee’ was at 185 million views on YouTube. Now, the song is approaching 240 million views in just over 2 weeks! Here in the Dallas area, the song has remained atop the radio air play charts (for better or worst, if you don’t like the nonstop repetition), so clearly, the hook of the song and the title is still captivating many out there. And of course, the most bad and boujee women tend to have eye poppin’ curves and the right evening style to go with it. So now, here are the latest pics from some of the most bad and boujee curvy fashionistas on the planet…and be sure to visit our Instagram page @CurveMonstersGlam to find these pics that are tagged with links directly to each Curvynistas page!