Who’s Your Fave Queen of Spring Curvy Fashion?

Help us pick the most beautiful, curvy woman with style this Spring in our latest CurvemonstersGlam Spring Break video mix! You can go to one of our popular Instagram pages (@Curvemonsters, @CurvemonstersGlam and @CurvemonstersVideos) and DM us your choice by tagging her).

We put together the sexiest mix of the sexiest curves for Spring 2021 😊 And we love it, and hope that you will, too.

Your 6th annual Curvemonsters Spring Break season continues with the latest video mix volume right now, plus more fun stuff across all our platforms and websites this season! Be sure to like, share and follow as we’ve got some surprises in store over the next few weeks.

Need to look and feel your best this Spring as everyone is eager to get back to traveling to their fave resorts and beaches? Check out Bubbly Glow: https://bubblyglow.com/?ref=2uB1h1i91r6-x

Transparency notice:  We do have a commission deal with Bubbly Glow, yet we have done our homework on the organization as we always do our due diligence before entering any sponsorship arrangement.

What are yooo waitin’ for? The party is on our Instagram page: @Curvemonsters, @CurvemonstersGlam and @CurvemonstersVideos. Also on our community page on Facebook: Official Curves of Social Media!

View this heart stopping video on our popular Instagram page!

We have an affiliated Amazon shopping page in case you need to grab a style that matches what you see in the videos, or you’re a guy who needs to coordinate your style with a stunning curvy lady in your life 

Song image caption: This video’s soundtrack is the retro boomin’ “U Make Me” track from 50Plano Studios. Be sure to play it in your ear buds, headphones, car stereo or home theater system cuz half the suspense and intense bass energy is part of our curvy experience.

Don’t forget we’re on Roku so find us on the 50Plano TV channel if you have a Roku device. We want you to tell us who your favorite Curvemonsters are as we post them across our social media platforms and websites!


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