Are These the Sexiest Curves 4 Spring Break?

Hey! What are you doing for Spring Break?

We did it again! We put together the sexiest mix of the sexiest curves to kick off the first weekend of Spring 2021 😊 And we love it, and hope that you will, too.

Your 6th annual Curvemonsters Spring Break season continues with the first video mix volume right now, plus more fun stuff across all our platforms and websites this season! Be sure to like, share and follow as we’ve got some surprises in store over the next few weeks.

PLUS! Our luxury lifestyle friends at 50Plano TV interviewed executive music producer BruvaJC about the hit Spring anthem “U Make Me” which is the soundtrack in our video 🙂 Go read that article right now!

What are yooo waitin’ for? The party is on our Instagram page: @Curvemonsters, @CurvemonstersGlam and @CurvemonstersVideos. Also on our community page on Facebook: Official Curves of Social Media!

And who make up the first set of sexy curvy women in this insane mix: Here they are, and be sure to follow them and us on Instagram as it is not easy to make the cut in our multi-step selection process:






















Other credits:




@world_inside Also on SoundCloud and DistroKid

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