Curvy women fitness – How to keep curves firm

What’s happenin’, baybeez! We;re feelin’ those positive retro, old skool fitness vibes these days, given all the negative vibes in the world. But curves just wanna have fun this coming skin-suit season, so let’s be savage in the gym or out in the fresh air 🙂

What retro song is on your playlist when you workout? Today’s songs are cool, but there’s gotta be that one from 5, 10 years ago, or even from the 1990s, 80s, 70s or older that takes your workout to the next level! We couldn’t find any from the 1960s that you can work out to, but let us know lol.

Ladies, wanna get an idea of how to firm up your curved before sunny skinsuit season creeps up on ya in late April?

Here’s how to firm them up and have fun with a retro themed fitness party right here! just play it on your favorite TV and get busy 💪🏿😁 Video also available on Instagram. View this heart stopping video on our popular Instagram page!

We have an affiliated Amazon shopping page in case you need to grab a style that matches what you see in the videos, or you’re a guy who needs to coordinate your style with a stunning curvy lady in your life 🙂

This video’s soundtrack is the retro boomin’ “Charge It” track from 50Plano Studios. Be sure to play it in your ear buds, headphones, car stereo or home theater system cuz half the suspense and intense bass energy is part of our curvy experience.

Don’t forget we’re on Roku so find us on the 50Plano TV channel if you have a Roku device. We want you to tell us who your favorite Curvemonsters are as we post them across our social media platforms and websites!

Be sure to follow all the women we feature in our mixes because it ain’t easy to make the final cut 😊






















@saweetie makeup by @deelishdeanna



@yaslenxoxo @zeunnarosebeenblessed

Embrace those tough winter workouts you need for sizzlin’ warm weather curves in May! That’s when the bigger and badder 6th Annual Curvemonsters Skinwear Season devours everything like a monsta!

The 2021 Curvemonstersglam Winter Recharge is in motion 😊 Whew, are you ready for all this?! Our 6th Annual Curvemonsters Fitness Season also starts up on our other IG pages, so you get the best of both worlds: Glam and Glutes!

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