Curvemonsters Christmas Vol 1 “Christmas at Curvemonsters”

Hey VIP insiders of CurvemonstersGlam! This is Vol 1 of the exhilarating, unique “Christmas at Curvemonsters” series we’re running from now until the end of the year…or until we pass out lol! This video has a boomin’ update to one of our favorite 50Plano Studios Christmas carols, “Carol of the Bells.” Be sure to play it in your ear buds, headphones, car stereo or home theater system cuz half the suspense and intense bass energy is part of our curvy experience. And after this comes time for the countdown to all the favorite things a curvy woman loves with a remix of “Your Favorite Things”😊 And speaking of favorite things, be on the lookout for our “Favorite Things” video series from now till Christmas and New Years! It’s our 2nd annual edition, and transitions us from the Fall to Winter season.

Don’t forget we’re on Roku so find us on the 50Plano TV channel if you have a Roku device. We want you to tell us who your favorite Curvemonsters are as we post them across our social media platforms and websites!

Be sure to follow all the women we feature in our mixes because it ain’t easy to make the final cut 😊

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Hey! Since 2015, we’ve been building a network of the most beautiful and influential curvy fashionistas worldwide, and they have responded by regularly checking in with our social media presence on multiple fronts. And now that we’re on Roku TV with @fiftyplano, streaming videos from our cloud based platform, our media influence is growing 🙂

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Song: Carol of the Bells Boomin Remix

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