Cap’n Curves of August Vol 19

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Hey, summer party people, it’s the last weekend of August—which means you have less than a month to get some summer fun in. From now on, make ever summer night count! Before watching this video, strap on your seatbelts cuz this will be a visually intensive rollercoaster ride lol!

Can you rap or sing? 50Plano Studios is offering $250 to the best lyrics on either the beat in this video, or the next video, so be sure to subscribe and check out our videos! The winner will be featured in our last summer video mix on the last day of summer next month. You must include a reference to us, CurveMonsters, in a clever, tasteful way. The MP3s of the instrumentals will be posted somewhere you can download, along with full contest rules, so stay tuned. Get contest details here: us beat the Instagram Algorithm Beast by liking, sharing and subscribing! We’re here for you, so have our backs as we battle their machine learning anti-fun bots lol!

Get some Swimwear here! 😊


Summers get no better than THIS! And for those summer nights after swimming snorkeling or looking good next to that massive resort pool, we’ve got those clips showing summer nightlife wear highlighting the most beautiful curvy women in the world!

Our popular Summer video mix series is ready to treat your eyes to something special. The curvy women in this edition did a good job in their clips, which help to make your summers fun and memorable.

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