The Curvemonsters Black Tulum Summer Remix Vol 16, TONIGHT 8pm Aug 9

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Hey, beautiful summer people! The Black Tulum Remix of our latest video mix is finally here after lots of blood, sweat and tears. We were almost perfect. We made one mistake: at about the 1:56 mark, we missed a IG name of one of our faves, @StrellakatUncut ☹ Our bad, Strella! But her name is in the list below…

Our sexiest and latest “Black Tulum Remix” video premieres at 8pm CST tonight (8/8/2020)! “Tulum is one of the most charming, enchanting places in the world. Centuries ago, it was once controlled by the mighty Mayan empire, adding to its mystique and allure. And today, Tulum is drawing very affluent business people and social media influencers, which led us to venture deep into its jungles therein. We’ve mixed in some clips from our trip in this extended remix for your enjoyment. And who knows: part 2 of this Black Tulum remix might be coming up right after this one, so experience the romance of Tulum and enjoy the ride…”

Summers get no better than THIS! We’ve included some more enchanting Tulum clips in this mix, courtesy of @shoptaylorsfashion and @fiftyplano studios. And for those summer nights after swimming, snorkeling or looking good next to that massive resort pool, we’ve got those clips showing summer nightlife wear highlighting the most beautiful curvy women in the world!


Our popular Summer video mix series is ready to treat your eyes to something special. The curvy women in this edition did a good job in their clips, which help to make your summers fun and memorable. Why do we do these videos? Because we like to showcase the most attractive and fun loving curvy women in the world! We review several video clips each week, and the ones with the most style, fun, unique ability to attract attention, and best overall appearance make the cut. We mix and promote across our social media platforms. Here are a few of the ladies in this mix so show em love by visiting their IG pages as follows:






























And visit these Tulum oriented pages we featured:









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