Curvemonsters Skin-Suit Glam Season Vol 9 “Ice Creamy”

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Hey, beautiful people!

It’s summertime,

the most fun season on our calendar!

Ladies, love the curvy skin you’re in, and fellas enjoy the ride…

Summer anthem song: “Always Gooey” coming out soon across all platforms! Stay tuned…

The Curvemonsters Summer is in full effect! Hopefully you are enjoying some sun and sand. And with even more places opening back up responsibly (well, except for a few spots), you can social distance on beaches with 6 feet of suntanned separation and 6 millimeters or inches of body fat 😊

Why do we do these videos? Because we like to showcase the most attractive and fun loving curvy women in the world! We review several video clips each week, and the ones with the most style, fun, unique ability to attract attention, and best overall appearance make the cut. We mix and promote across our social media platforms. So we thank all our followers. Just a few of the ladies we spotlight are:










But visit ALL of these lovely ladies, and fells: enjoy the riiiide!

Enjoy your lives as much as you can despite the current cities in turmoil, and stay focused on positive vibes as more places are gradually opening back up! Ooh la la! It’s season 5 for us, so expect some fun surprises along the way with new musical guests, bangin’ sounds, all while spotlighting the most beautiful curvy women in the world! We’re on YouTube as @CurveMonsters so be sure to watch the videos there, too, as you’ll get a fuller angle than IGTV supports at the moment.

Live vicariously through our videos from now until Labor Day 2020 if you’re still not able to move about the country and world to your favorite sun destinations.

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