Curvemonsters Skin Suit Season 2020 Vol 4, Online “De-Quarantined” Party

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Hey, beloved fans, it’s already passed the middle of May 2020! We finally get some damn breathing room to enjoy pre summer fun responsibly 😊Enjoy your lives as much as you can, and stay focused on positive vibes as more places are gradually opening back up! Ooh la la! It’s season 5 for us, so expect some fun surprises along the way with new musical guests, bangin’ sounds, all while spotlighting the most beautiful curvy women in the world! We’re on YouTube as @CurveMonsters so be sure to watch the videos there, too, as you’ll get a fuller angle than IGTV supports at the moment.

Live vicariously through our videos from now until Labor Day 2020 if you’re still not able to move about the country and world to your favorite sun destinations.

For the locked down ladies, and those who can’t afford to go to an exotic place for various reasons, just record yourselves in swimwear in front of a tropical scene on your big screen TV lol! We ain’t playin’! Get in where you fit in right where you are, quarantined and locked down! If you have a nice pool in your backyard, then work it, baybay!

And if you happen to be in Florida, Texas, Georgia and other sun spots where they are opening beaches up, what are you waiting for? Get up and get out there! California, Hawaii, Spain, Italy: where ya at? When possible on those once beautiful beaches, quickly get in a few video clips 😊 The world needs to see you all curved up on sandy beaches, if possible. What better way to endure the inexplicably, never-ending lockdown than with our 5th Annual Swimsuit Season, Quarantine Party Edition!

Strap on your seatbelts cuz this video rollercoaster ride is absolute fire and will immerse you into a surreal view of curve like never seen before! Hey babies, let our videos be your escape from house arrest! It’s the major curves time of the year. Like everyone else, we expect even more “de-quarantined” curvy girl shenanigans everywhere from now till September 1, 2020.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those adversely impacted by the coronavirus crisis. Many more of you have been told to stay home during the fun sun weather season, so we hope this video provides a lighthearted balance against the nonstop, 24/7 coverage of the outbreak on every channel. We applaud healthcare workers as they work around the clock to help patients everywhere! We also give a big shout out to all the musicians, DJs and comedians also providing entertainment content so that we are not overly weighed down by too much negative energy.

Everything has to have balance, loves! We can’t help anyone else if we ourselves compromise our immune systems. Stress kicks off chemicals that attack our immune system, so we have to stay focused on the positive. We love you all through thick and thin!

Lol let’s make this season even more fun than the record breaking 2019 season!


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Song: “Curves In Heat (CurveMonsters Mix)” by BruvaJC (Tiktok: bruvajc)

Song: “Angelic (CurveMonsters Mix)” by BruvaJC (Tiktok: bruvajc)

Message from Song Producer Bruva JC at 50 Plano Studios: “Shout out to Curvemonsters for the love! Song available on most streaming platforms. You get the best sound experience with headphones, car stereo or home audio.“


Song: “Curves In Heat (CurveMonsters Mix)” by BruvaJC (Tiktok: bruvajc)

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