5th Annual Curvemonsters Fitness Season 2020 Vol 2, Pre Spring Break Edition

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BREAKING!! View later this evening on IGTV on @curvemonstersglam and @curvemonsters tomorrow. Song: “Get My Back (CurveMonsters Remix)” by BruvaJC (Tiktok: bruvajc) https://50plano.com/artists/ http://www.50Plano.Store Hey babies! It’s March 2020, which, according to meteorologists, is technically Spring by their reckoning. Officially for the rest of us, Spring begins March 20, 2020—so many 20s in there so your vision gotta stay focused. Speaking of focused, hopefully you’ve been staying focused on your fitness along with us since Jan 1, 2020!

The CurveMonsters Spring Break season begins the second week of March, which means March 8th baybay! Yay! We realize that some schools are already in Spring Break season, while most usually start around the 2nd and 3rd weeks of March. Spring Break is like the preseason of our annual CurveMonsters Swimwear Season, which starts May 1, 2020 😊 So if you’ve been slacking in your fitness and weight loss goals, Spring Break is your early warning sign that it’s time to get it in gear now! [Continue after photos…]

And don’t worry. Yeah our popular videos show the most beautiful curve queen and fit babes on the planet. But that should not deter you from doing what’s best for your body and lifestyle. If you only lose one pound during our fitness season, that’s cause for celebrating! We love each and every one of you and only want you to be happy in the skin you’re in. This is why we stressed in our fitness articles that your first step towards a more fit and active lifestyle is to first focus on your mental preparedness.

Don’t worry about changing your diet or starting a workout routine just yet. In your first week, just focus on not gaining any more weight. You’d be surprised: if you don’t regularly weigh yourself, you will gain unexpected weight and won’t even notice until you go to try your clothes on and blame your “dryer” for shrinking your clothes (the CEO of our sponsor went through this painful reality himself, so we know how it is).

If you can go a day or two without gaining weight, you are already successful on your path to fitness. Now just build on that by gently cutting back the amount of food you eat each day. Don’t change anything else yet! You have to nurse your mind gently and gradually, not drastically. So, as we wrote before, if you eat 2 candy bars a day, try to do only one (or maybe one and a half). If you eat a pound of food for dinner, try ¾ of a pound instead. Keep doing this for a few weeks while weighing yourself at least twice a day and you will see results soon (don’t force it yet, just make sure not to gain new weight each day).

Down the road, your milestone goal should be to cut each meal in half, and then cut out one meal by eating breakfast after 1030am and dinner between 3 and 4pm, only eating very healthy snacks (not a lot though) for later in the evening if you can’t handle the hunger pains at first. Don’t let hunger pains control your mind! Let your mind control them. They will eventually decrease in intensity if you distract yourself from thinking about them. Also, you don’t need to eat three meals a day. On your journey, you will find that sometimes, you only need one meal. But you have to be active and distract yourself from the thought of eating. Finding engaging hobbies or entertaining activities really help with this.

And finally…Guys, this fitness stuff goes for you too! We read all your DMs, emails, texts (why do y’all text people you never even seen lol) and see your international calls (we don’t pick up for strangers, silly, lol). For all you men who desire to date the most beautiful, curvy women on the planet, you can’t just be a spectator to our videos. You need to be fit, too! Your money can only go so far with women. They want someone handsome and in good shape, too, so get up off that couch and executive office chair and get active with us this season! In a nutshell, this is the CurveMonsters Fitness Challenge and we offer it to you freely because we want you happy and ready for fun this Spring and Summer! If you’re not happy, you won’t want to come check out our endless stream of fun and curvy videos this upcoming bikini and swimwear season, right?! Lol let’s make this season even more fun than the record breaking 2019 season!

From Producer Bruva JC at 50 Plano Studios: “Shout out to Curvemonsters for the love! Song available on most streaming platforms.“

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