5th Annual Curvemonsters Fitness Season 2020 Vol 1

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BREAKING PREVIEW!! Full video on YouTube tonight, and on IGTV on @curvemonstersglam and @curvemonsters tomorrow.

Hey, it’s the second month of the Winter 2020 fitness season. What is your body like? Are you ready for Spring Break 2020 in a few weeks? If not, what on earth are you waiting for? Join us on this curvy fitness journey, along with a group of some of the most engaging and beautiful women on earth! In 2019, we saw an explosion of requests to be included in our content from some very capable curvemonster candidates! We also upgraded our audio and video setup with our guy at 50 Plano Studios. We launched two very popular social media pages: one on Instagram (CurveMonstersVideos) and Tik Tok (Curvemonsters).

A big shot out to Drea_King for a video clip that is close to 570K views on CurveMonstersVideos. This same video clip reached over 220K on Tik Tok, which has only been around since October. Other ladies have also achieved great engagement with their content, and we can independently verify that as part of their influencer stats.

Our sponsor offers some athletic gear at the online store front, 50Plano.Store, which has a collection of high-quality, branded retail products with great ratings on Amazon. Finally, we kicked our Pinterest page into high gear this year, and our follower and viewer stats are through the roof! Follow us to find out for yourself.

This year we launched a new website, CurveGlam.com. We will have better control of the content of this new site while still maintaining the previous CurveMonsters.org site. We are shifting to a new, higher tech platform so that our seasonal campaigns will be more fun than ever! We will be honoring top 10 posts and ladies more often, with links to their various profile and business pages. This will also make it easier for our partners to get in touch with them and launch more effective promo campaigns.

And remember, when you view our video compilation, if you’re not listening to the soundtrack with deep bass headphones, car stereo, or home theater system, you won’t get the full HD experience!

Shout out to all the top queens of curves we’ve featured so far, and of course, all of our valued followers. We’ve got more videos coming up for this 5th Annual CurveMonsters Fitness Season, so you’ve been warned. Ladies, if you got what it takes to be in the next one, hit us up asap! And if you’re a fitness trainer with content that fits our mold, what are you waiting for? Get in where you fit in! This online event will keep you motivated to avoid gaining new weight before Spring Break 2020 and the fun-filled CurveMonsters Swimwear Season in May 2020!! So stay tuned and follow us here and on our main website! We’re also on Tik Tok and Pinterest so look for us 😊

Song: “Tis the Season (CurveMonsters Remix)” by BruvaJC (Tiktok: bruvajc)

From Producer Bruva JC at 50 Plano Studios: “Shout out to Curvemonsters for the love! Song available on most streaming platforms.“


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