Curvemonsters Christmas NYE Week Vol 4 – Warm and Curvy Vibes

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Hey, tis the Boxing Day after Christmas, holiday people! It is officially Christmas NYE Week here at CurveMonsters as New Year’s Eve is next week! Wow, time flies! Ladies, if your man didn’t get you a Christmas gift, or the right one, today is your day to make him get it right lol. Our sponsor’s upscale Amazon page might be able to help…have him check out http://www.50Plano.Store. And guys if you want to know how to buy the right gift for a top notch bad beyotch like the beautiful women featured in this video, definitely visit the store site! And if you’re not listening to the soundtrack with deep bass headphones, car stereo, or home theater system, you won’t get the full HD experience!

Happy Christmas NYE Week to all the top queens of curves we’ve featured all year, and of course, all of our valued followers. We’ve got more videos in this holiday series coming behind this one, so you’ve been warned. Ladies, if you got what it takes to be in the next one, hit us up asap!

Who cares what they say about you when you step out in style for those Christmas parties! Desire is yours this Fall. Be thankful for the curves in your life 😁 Hopefully your Christmas season is off to a good start. In less about a week, our fifth annual CurveMonsters Swimsuit Fitness Preseason Challenge starts up to keep you motivated to avoid gaining new weight before swimwear season kicks off in May 2020, so stay tuned and follow us here and on our main website! We’re also on Tik Tok and Pinterest so look for us 😊

Christmas Song: “Rest Ye Bruh” by BruvaJC (Tiktok: bruvajc)

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