Taming Your Curvy Weight for the Holidays

As some of our readers and Instagram followers know by now, each year, we kick of the new year with our fitness oriented series of content. In about six weeks, we’ll be starting up our fifth annual Curvy Fitness Challenge party online. But before we get there, there are some common sense things curvy fashionistas can be doing to keep their curve weight under control during the feasts of the Thanksgiving and Christmas time of year. And in actuality, these tips can be done year round before swimwear season comes around again (boy, time flies). [Continue reading after the gallery]

If you are already dieting and working out, then great. If not, now is the time to take a deeper dive into what kinds of foods you are eating before Thanksgiving rolls around. We’re not advocating any particular diet as you are grown and sexy. We are suggesting you start now to cut back on the portions you eat so that you have room for all that turkey and pie (and alcohol). Sugar and salt tend to go hand in hand with the holiday feasts. Unfortunately, both of these are the biggest enemies of weight control. Salt helps hold water in while sugar becomes a transformer and converts into fat. Alcohol eventually transforms into fat as well. Add on top of that all the cooking oil, butter, and other fat sources and you’ve got a recipe for a fat disaster…sigh!

Yeah! So that’s why we suggest planning in advance so that you can mitigate the weight gain that the holidays bring.

Now that’s the food and liquor side of the equation. Two other aspects to keep in mind is the scale, and working out.

The Dreaded Scale

Most of us hate to get on the scale because we can’t lose weight fast enough. But that’s the wrong approach. Weighing yourself regularly is not only about weight loss, but also making sure you don’t gain any more weight! You’d be surprised how your weight fluctuates during the day. Let’s say you weight 180 pounds before breakfast. Depending on the sheer weight of the food you’re going to eat, you will gain weight in accordance with the weight of your food. And if it contains salt and or sugar, either ingredient will contribute to weight gain. If you have a bile movement, that will subtract from the weight gain. If you don’t have a BM, then that’s more weight that stays, which is why it’s important to eat foods that contribute to a healthy metabolism.

Throughout the day, you will add and subtract from your weight depending on what you eat and drink. Thus it becomes important to weigh yourself multiple times a day. Again, you’re not weighing yourself for dramatic weight loss. You simply want to at least break even at the end of the day. At 180 pounds in the morning, if you end up weighing 180 pounds at the end of the day, count yourself blessed! You didn’t gain any new weight. If you can weigh yourself before and after each meal, make a note of the variations in weight. You will find out quickly if you ate too much, or did not have an adequate bile movement.

Once you get used to not gaining weight, start finding ways to cut back on what you eat and drink in order to shave off some weight. Losing 0.2 pounds in a day is great. At least you didn’t gain weight, right? If you’re used to eating a half pound cheeseburger a day, with an extra large soda and large fries, cutting back to half of each will result in that much less food weight sitting in your body. Cutting a half pound burger in half means you only add 0.25 pounds in your body for that meal setting. Of course, the lower amounts of salt and sugar means your body has that much more room to fight weight gain. Adding too much salt and sugar to your body is like handing marijuana to soldiers before they go into battle. The weed will slow them down, and they won’t be able to fight, lol. Likewise, the salt holds water in, and the sugar adds fat on top of the grease and cheese in your burger. Why render your body’s “fat soldiers” ineffective in fighting fat?

The Dreaded Workout

Along with the frequent weighing, it’ll be good to introduce some easy workout routines before Thanksgiving. It can be as simple as a 20-30 minute power walk before you go to work, during your lunch hour, or after work. If you walk, be sure to move your arms vigorously to get that upper body workout. Eventually, introduce some cardio exercises in your mix. Working out also keeps your anti-fat soldiers in battle ready shape, keeping your body from gaining new weight.

Getting in this habit of frequently “micro-weighing” yourself now will keep you guarded in the amount of food you eat during the holidays. There you go, babes! Go forth and micro-weigh yourselves several times a day. Try not to gain any new weight, and eventually focus on micro-losing weight each day between now and New Year’s Day. Happy curves!

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