This Fall is the Season of Desire

This Fall…Your desire…

Alas, if you’ve been following our Instagram posts this Fall, a theme that has come up is desire. Why desire? Because we know many of our followers are passionate about the sensual appeal of warm, cozy, and sexy styles. It’s the time period between the last week of October and New Year’s Eve that many of us dress all the way up in our formal or semiformal best, making grand entrances at upscale balls, donning chic masks for masquerades, and clinking champagne glasses to toast great moments and a better year.

Gentlemen, we know you desire the best for the women in your lives. Why not take a chance and buy her the right style from the select fashion providers we regularly rave about in our posts? We made it easy by bringing you some of the most beautiful, curvy and bodied women in the world. And these esteemed ladies are the most influential women on social media, so they may know a little somethin’ about style and fabulosity. Bring out the desire in her!

Ladies, you’re certainly the center of desire. Fight for it! Arouse the senses in him as you go out for a glam night on the town, and then get cozy at home. Your desire is his fire. Kindle that lasting flame this Fall and Winter.



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