Flying While Curvy Can Get You Kicked Off the Plane

As many of our curvynistas know by now, discrimination against curvy women remains a problem that is not a laughing matter. In the past, we’ve written articles about this dilemma, where hotel resorts don’t want curvy women posting Instagram pics in bikinis and linking to their profiles, and company dress codes that can lead to curvy women losing their jobs. The same outfits worn by curvy women are considered not harmful or offensive if worn by much thinner women based on a purely Euro-centric image of beauty.

This latest case is an example.

A Houston doctor, who always dresses covered up, was on her way back from a week long trip in Jamaica to Miami, which is a layover city for those flying from Texas to the Caribbean. She was boarding An American Airlines flight to Miami, and that’s when the anti-curve (and possibly also racial insensitivity) problems started. Long story short, a flight attendant kicked her off the plane quietly because she and another flight attendant felt her outfit was inappropriate. Obviously and rightfully so, the doctor was not happy about that and calmly expressed her disagreement.

We agree. Check out the photo below for yourself.

Since then, word got back to American Airlines, and they apologized and fully refunded her flight costs. This isn’t the first time for the airline, but we commend them for correcting this serious problem as her son was left crying as they kicked her off. She was allowed back on if she covered up with a blanket, but clearly her outfit was nowhere near inappropriate, and many of you, as we, have seen other women wear far less and be let on–as long as they look a certain way within a certain weight range.

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