Curvy Fun at the Pool and Beach, CurveMonsters Spring Party April 2019

Fun at the Pool and Beach, CurveMonsters Spring Party 2019

4th Annual CurveMonsters Fitness Season

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Song: “Summer Elegance”

Produced by Bruva JC

For CurveMonsters / 50 Plano Studios

Album: CurveMonsters Pool and Beach Party

Fun in the sun…It’s soooo close to summer, hunnies!! We can’t wait 😊 In fact, this video is like a preview to our “Summer Elegance” online party and you’re VIP, as usual. Ladies, take plenty of vids so you can have a chance to get in our next video! And exactly where is your favorite party destination? Zanzibar? Ibiza?  Miami South Beach? Los Angeles? Vegas? Cancun? Bahamas? It’s time to enhance your 2019 glam flow, especially after you’ve been working out to get fit this CurveMonsters fitness season! Since the beginning of the year, we have been celebrating women’s right to be curvy! And now we celebrate their right to curvy fit in the gym and on the beach 🙂 Check out this jaw dropping, heart attack causing, curvalicious video and see for yourself!

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