Despite Advances, Curvy Women Still Face Discrimination in High Fashion

Featured pic courtesy of World Culture Pictorial

In a 2009 article that was revisited by Vox Magazine last month, the late fashion designer and noted curve hater Karl Lagerfeld was quoted as saying, “No one wants to see curvy women.” This has been a silent, unwritten rule in high fashion where highly esteemed design men like Lagerfeld had no attraction to women. Lagerfeld is later quoted as saying some pretty mean things about women who don’t look like thin children, but we won’t repeat that negative energy here. His narrow minded thinking is important, not because of his sexual preference necessarily, but because the waif thin, frail models fashion leaders like him choose usually resemble thin young boys rather than natural girls with curves. Compounding that problem today is the fact that men are being increasingly demonized for their natural attraction to women, where men generally prefer curvy women, which is the norm, not the exception.

This anti-curve discrimination is not just confined to high fashion houses.

Hollywood’s leading women are still typically as skinny as thin teenage boys. And the hijacked #MeToo has gone to the extent of making men feel guilty for simply being attracted to curvy women (not talking here about the original intent of the movement, which was to go after sex abuser’s in Hollywood, rightfully so).

What all of this has led to is unfortunate discrimination against curvy women, where curvy minority women really get the worse treatment because they tend to be very curvy on average. In spite of the narrow view of the heads of high fashion, most people see women who are not rail thin every day. And the real women who eventually wear their clothes are curvy, and they turn heads everywhere they go. Fortunately, we are part of an ongoing grassroots movement to counter the anti-curve discrimination so that women have more normal views of bodies to aspire to, rather than the anti-woman, unhealthy views still being promoted in the fashion and entertainment industry. We encourage the younger designers to not allow your imaginations be limited to outdated views of the female body. Embrace the natural. We’ll be here to support you to the best of our abilities!

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