New Year, New Look, New Curve, New You

Hey, beautiful people! Thank you for making 2018 an outstanding year in our growth, reach, and fun 🙂 You are our family and we love each and every one of you. Together, all of us, along with you, will make 2019 a groundbreaking year in every way. We have upped our visual appearance here and on our social media pages, and will have better ways for you to engage us and vice verse. And of course, the connection between us and you would not be complete without getting one of the many apparel and other items we are offering here!

Your total well being is important to us, and we got many questions throughout 2018 related to health, fitness and beauty. So beginning with this fitness season, we will increase the number of articles and videos to help you. And if you have a company or offer a service along these lines, get in touch with us asap to get involved! If you have an article written in a journalistic fashion (not sounding too much like an ad), we’ll post it free, subject to scheduling/timing of course. And don’t forget to help us help you by buying something from us or signing up for one of our Patreon levels. Or you can buy advertising from us, too (run through our sponsor,

And to kick off the new year in a good way, here’s some helpful advice: Only put people in your life who can help you grow with them! Considers flowers you plant in a garden. If you plant 10 flowers but only one of them grows, your garden is useless. So you get rid of the plants that didn’t grow and replace them with those that do grow. Once you have 10 beautifully growing flowers, your entire garden is a success. The same is true for those you plant in your life. Make 2019 the year you plant only beautiful, growing flowers in your life to help you succeed. Let’s do this!

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