Guys You Like the Pics But Do You Like Yourself?

By John the CEO of and

Our 4th annual curvy fitness season is upon us, and man what fun we have around here. We appreciate all of our loyal followers, men and women. Despite all of that, we have just one question: gentleman, as much as you like all of the CurveMonsters pics, how much do you like yourself? Lol no I am not trying to be Dr. Phil all of a sudden (no kidding, though one of our followers actually joked that my voice over in one of the videos sounded like Dr. Phil : ). What I mean is that many of our male followers have liked, commented on, and shared many pics and videos over the years, and we thank you. And a few even have left their phone numbers for the ladies to call – ummm, kinda creepy, but hey, whatever gets you engaged in the content, have at it lol.

But no matter if you leave your phone number of publicly proclaim your undying love for the most beautiful and curvy women in the world, guys if you really want a shot at them, my CurveMonsters team knows what they like. The number one thing is they like “lit and fit” gentlemen. Not saying you have to have the best 6-pack abs out there, but that you are actively pursuing general fitness and healthy well being as well as grooming and etiquette. And here is a bullet list of things curvy women want to see in what I am calling the “Active Curve Man”:

  1. Physically fit or genuinely trying to be
  2. Does not stink – wear cologne fellas. I personally like Jo Malone for Men and Prada for Men
  3. Has an overall positive attitude and/or is spiritual in some way
  4. Be honest – Just be who you are
  5. Be a gentleman
  6. Have realistic goals and determination to see them through
  7. Financially stable – no, not the “gold digger” mentality but a guy who can at least go halfway in making a date memorable

There are other items, but these are the most common themes we’ve seen come across the CurveMonsters DMs and email over the years. So starting with the annual fitness season party we are hosting online, we are launching a new Active Curve Man series to keep our favorite male followers of CurveMonsters physically fit and increase your chances with beautiful ladies like the ones we spotlight here. So be sure to subscribe, follow and share all of our posts and content with as many guys (and women with guys who need to hear this) as you can! We will be doing giveaways tied to this campaign soon, so don’t miss out. Who knows, we might even get a little crazy and sponsor a date with a top Curve Monster – assuming you fit all of these criteria and she wants to date you lol.

So let the curve man fun begin right now! Let’s do this!

2 responses to “Guys You Like the Pics But Do You Like Yourself?”

  1. I fill ALL of the listed qualifications of an “Active Curve Man” and then some.
    My pics are on Instagram: The curvy beauties on this site can find them here- darkprince00001- to see if my fitness level qualifies….


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