Is Summer the Season to Discriminate Against the Curve?


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Here at CurveMonsters, we definitely love when warm weather season rolls around every year! And you can tell by our articles and video compilations that this is certainly true. At the same time, we also realize that as curvy women show off their curves in various kinds of swim wear this summer, they will face some backlash from those who fear the curve at hotel swimming pools, lakes and exotic beaches. The pics chosen for this article represent stylish, typical clothing worn during the warmer months, whether it be at work, out shopping, hanging out with friends or even at places of worship (as the main featured image of @daniellenaomi_, dressed modestly but nicely in black, shows). Look at the spotlighted images below – what would the public response be, in any of the settings just mentioned, when worn by much thinner women compared to these curvy ones?

One popular curvy fashionista we posted several times on Instagram did a post about how one resort where she took a pic in a bikini asked her politely to remove their tag from her picture because they didn’t want that curvy image associated with their conservative-oriented resort. Commenters under her post mentioned that other, thin women in similar bikinis and similar frontal poses had their pics up with the resort’s tag before and after her pic. If you’re curious, the pose was not provocative at all. It was a typical frontal bikini shot at a nice resort overseas.

In other cases, curvy women have been discriminated against when it comes to wearing modern dresses, especially form fitting summer dresses, to places of worship. There was a case last month where a Jewish woman wore a form fitting dress, not provocative or short, to a synagogue and met some criticism. Some years ago, we helped write an article with one of our partners about a black woman who wore a form fitting (but not provocative) dress to church. As with all curvy women, she was born with plenty of curves from the front to the back, top to bottom, and the dress was either a maxi or pencil dress below her knees. If a thin woman wore the same dress, no one would have said a word. But because she was very curvy, there was a lot of back lash.

And speaking of curvy black women, the problem doubles for darker skinned beauties. We can emphatically vouch for the fact that, for a number of unfortunate reasons, they on average get less likes than those curvy beauties with lighter complexions. We have the stats over thousands of pics we posted to prove this easily. Not to get into racism or skin colorism here, but the curve discrimination is even more pronounced for them. If you notice, our posts on Instagram and here on our main website are all shades of curvy beauties, regardless of race or skin color. One of our goals is to marginalize all forms of curve fears and biases, whether implicit or explicit.

Yet another aspect of curve discrimination and intimidation happens in the workplace. We know a number of curvy women who experience curve bias in the office, and we wrote a few articles about this here on our site. It is especially bad when a curvy office worker is merely an acquaintance of a male coworker who has a wife or girlfriend that later finds out about the simple, platonic coworker relationship. Sometimes, that guy’s lady asks him to stop communicating with the curvy coworker, and a few even go so far as to reach out to the curvy woman directly to get her to leave her man alone, assuming there was something going on (usually there is nothing going on). Moreover, some male co-workers cannot control their impulses around the curve and usually enhance their unsolicited flirtations with curvy co-workers. This can sometimes lead to sexual harassment scenarios. Finally, curvy office professionals, despite their best efforts, find themselves in violation of dress codes simply by being curvy, especially during the summer, when people wear less layers. Often, it is fellow, less endowed females who complain to upper management. They never complain about slim co-workers wearing similar clothes.

That’s where the “Monsters” in CurveMonsters comes from. A lot of people seem to be intimidated by very curvy women, to the point where they fear them like monsters and discriminate in various ways. Hence our tagline, “Don’t fear the curve, embrace it!” As Drake said in one of his songs, his curvy girl was “So thick that everyone else in the room is so uncomfortable.” If you or someone you know has experienced curve discrimination, let us know and we’ll write about it in an upcoming article if you’re ok with that. Make it a fun summer and be sure to follow us here and on Instagram as the online summer party continues!



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