The 49 Most Captivating Faces of August

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First off, we’d like to thank the many thousands of you who have made our VIP Summer Curve Party a smashing success! We’ve had to make sure our website did not go into overdrive with all the heat from the curvy queens and their fans and industry insiders who flocked to this site and our fast growing, popular social media pages on Instagram: @CurveMonsters (over 30k followers now) and @CurveMonstersGlam (over 50k followers now). We love it! Be sure to follow us here as we launch our new advertising guidelines to help you promote your business or yourself across out online properties.

With that out of the way, it is easy for the public to forget that for every stunningly curvy body we spotlight and write about online, there are some absolutely gorgeous, adorable faces that go with those bodies and styles. In this edition, we present 49 (just shy of 50) of the most beautiful faces on the planet to launch the back to school season. But don’t think we’re done with summer 2017. Far from it! We will be packaging some of the best curvy videos we found and will present those before the month is out. Enjoy the pics…





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