Sumer Nights Were Made for Glamorous Curves

It’s starting to feel a lot like summer her in Dallas. The heat index is rising to over 100 degrees in the days ahead…Whew! That’s when more and more skin is shown, including those of the most curvy women who pass through warm spots like Dallas all summer long. The world’s hottest destinations (literally and figuratively) will be showcasing some glamorous styles from the most popular and elegant fashion labels. And here at CurveMonsters, we have or eye out for the most glam curvy styles this summer. So with that said, enjoy the following slide show of some of the most beautiful and stylish curvy fashionistas on the planet (be sure to visit their Instagram pages, too).

Fashion Credits (most outfits): @Fashionnova, @OhPolly, @ShopSonyaBees, @ObsessionApparel, @PrincessPCloset, @Meshkiboutique, @Lemonlunar, @Klosetenvy, @Knowstyleusa, @Houseofcb, @Dressmezee, @live_fabulously, @gotthelookstores, @forthestarsfashionhouse.

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Screenshot_2017-06-05_135925Cm live_fabulouslyDallas 2 (2)fashionnova (3)dressmezeeforthestarsfashionhouselemonlunarknowstyleusaScreenshot_2017-05-22_192604Screenshot_2017-06-01_075014Screenshot_2017-05-30_093055Screenshot_2017-05-30_082051Screenshot_2017-06-01_075641Screenshot_2017-06-03_193535Screenshot_2017-06-03_151235Screenshot_2017-06-06_065306Screenshot_2017-06-07_072040

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