Can Breaking a Fingernail Ruin Your Day?

'Yes, I called you. I've broken a finger nail!'


Every curvnista has dealt with the fashionably unacceptable crisis of a cracked or broken fingernail. And it seems they happen either right after you leave the nail salon, or just before you have to go to a swank, dressy soiree with your friends or, worse, on a big date! Is that the end of life as you know it when your well-manicured, fashionably color coordinated fingernail breaks off? Some women are able to fix it using various methods and keep it moving. Others, however, go into full panic mode, ready to go into hibernation and shun public appearances until the oddball fingernail is fixed.


For those who might go into hysterics, there is some help (assuming your fingernail break did not result in bleeding). There are some very helpful videos on YouTube to help you fix your nail without needing to go through the hassle of booking a nail appointment. Check them out now before your next nail emergency…



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