Lifestyles Of The Glam and Curvy, Vol 8

Hey, Summer is almost over and many of you are getting settled into the school year. But until the calendar says summer is over, we’re gonna keep partyin’ like it’s summer! At least till Labor Day.

This was our first full summer after launching last year and we had a blast compiling the best videos of you flying all over the world, or getting VIP treatment in your cities.

Between now and Labor Day, we’re gonna work over time to put together as many summer videos as we can.

And on that note, these are the lifestyles of the glam and curvy on 50 Plano TV and CurveMonsters…

And by the way, the instrumentals you hear are that Dallas Urban Sound for 50 Plano Studios

This sultry second installment contains almost 12 minutes of various aspects of the curvy fashionista lifestyles for the summer, from beach scenes and deep under water swimming, to night life, talents, humor, and just plain fun! So you will not be bored this summer. This is ‘Lifestyles Of The Glam and Curvy’, a Curve Monsters/50 Plano TV social media show where we identify the most attractive women everywhere who are smart about their business, or show potential to take their talents to the next level!

Our YouTube Channel, the most stylish and curviest channel on the planet! Don’t fear the curve, embrace it! Branding classy curvy models everywhere starting in Dallas. It’s simple: just be curvy. We’ll find you. Being curvy and glamorous is more than just waking up like that. It’s the right fitness regimen, having the right glam team, traveling to the right spots, and having an active social life that makes an impact on others.

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