Why Does Hollywood Get to Have All the Fun?

For over 100 years, young people with big dreams and bright ideas flocked to entertainment centers like Hollywood, New York and a few others to take a chance to become rich and famous. As promising as these dreams are, the vast majority of them fall short of achieving them. But with social media being the most popular entertainment distribution channel for young people and adults under 60, you can be a star right where you are! Just ask the “Chewbacca Mom” from right here in the Dallas area (Grand Prairie to be exact) who not only quickly got nearly 150 million views on social media within less than two weeks, she’s been on major TV shows like Good Morning America twice, as well as the local ABC station WFAA and surely other media.

Social media stars are popping up all the time in different locations, and more short videos such as Vine and others are more viewed sometimes than regular TV shows and movies. And we have noticed, after viewing thousands of photos since we launched in October 2015, that some social media celebs have more followers than Hollywood celebs. So why not add social media on your itinerary before making a major move to the old school entertainment cities?

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