Here are a Few of Our Favorite Thongs This Beach Season

our Instagram page Let’s face it: it’s a tough task for curvy women to pick the right swimsuit that still make you look sexy and fleeky without making others uncomfortable, as rapper Drake says, when you walk out on to the beach or pool side. Facebook even declined one of our swimsuit ad campaigns because they thought it “showed too much skin” which, as all curvy women know, it’s easy to show too much skin in most swimsuits.

The struggle is real for the beautiful and curvy. Nonetheless, enjoy perusing the various swimwear labels below, and hopefully you find a current style you like just in time for your next beach trip or pool party!

And if you have access to YouTube on your TV via Roku or another video streaming service, subscribe to our YouTube Channel and watch our fashion videos on your big screen TV! That’s the best viewing experience as we master our video projects for HD TV. If not, you still get a great experience on your phone, device or laptop.

Note: If you haven’t been to our Instagram page yet today, we posted several swimwear brands and their bikini models we liked a lot. We previously did an article featuring some swimwear shots, and below you will find more, but with their brands as the main focus…




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